January 4th, 2002



Lots of things are on my mind, and since I have a few hours to kill at work today (I'm being a bad, lazy cat and hiding in the data center under the pretense of "supervising the Ameritech installation") I might as well take advantage of the time to sit back, contemplate the different aspects of my life that are taking precedence, and then write about them. That is, after all, the ultimate purpose of the journal, isn't it? While on the LiveJournal system others might read and remark upon what I write, this is a place for me to collect my thoughts, sort through them, determine what needs to go to the compost heap and what needs to be transplanted into the garden for nurturing. If you're feeling adventurous you may continue down the path with me, dear reader, through the darkened forest to the breathy, sunlit spot on the hill where my particular garden grows. Maybe there will be something breathtaking there, or maybe there will only be seedlings which have not yet grown. Either way, it perhaps is not so much the destination that matters as it is the trip we take to reach our terminus.

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