October 17th, 2001


This is the sound of one hand typing....

I didn't write in my journal last night because I got home later than usual, was exceptionally tired, and wanted to get some chores done. I managed to accomplish maybe ONE of the chores I had outlined for myself that evening, leaving a whole dearth of other ones still uncompleted. How's that for poor performance? It might be for the best if nobody not let me handle any high-priority projects, as it's becoming plainly obvious I'll just make sure they're completely and utterly doomed to failure. *grimace*

Speaking of projects completely and utterly doomed to failure, last week it was announced that somebody on our management team (We all have a fine idea who it was, and we are currently loathing his mere existence with every breath we take) announced to several inquiring VPs that, "Yes, we can have video conferencing installed and running at seven different sites across North America by November 1st." A fine boast, but it is one that is completely ungrounded in reality. When one takes into stock that we have no hardware, we have no software, and that nobody can agree if we should run it over ISDN (which requires installation of ISDN lines) or over the corporate frame relay network (which would require a port-speed and CIR turn up at all seven campuses, plus figuring out some way to hook the hardware into the WAN), one can plainly see that once again we have set ourselves up for spectacular failure in a manner that could only be surpassed by the likes of the scheming Ralph Cramden. Fortunately this little bundle of joy hasn't fallen into my lap to resolve -- it went to one of our other network engineers, a gentleman who wasn't doing anything anyway. He's botched one major project already, so why not give him a project that's doomed to failure already? That way when he gives it his kiss of death he can just blame it on an irrational project timeline.

I'm counting down the days until Friday, when Jen will arrive to begin our weekend mini-getaway. Friday night will be spent at my place, and we'll drive up to the hotel on Saturday so that we may commence being tourists. Can you tell that I'm looking forward to this?

Bonus rant for the day: Hanging a reflective item such as a CD or a crystal from the rear-view mirror of your car does not make you creative, artistic, or clever. It makes you a goddamn asshole who blinds other drivers on the road and in general causes far more near-accidents than should ever be had on our road systems. You people all deserve to be taken out and brutally, sexually abused by a mountain man with questionable hygiene.
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Bored, bored BORED boRed bOREd BoReD BoreD bOrEd

Yes. I'm terribly, terribly bored. I have absolutely nothing to do. My tickets are all waiting on somebody else to get finished, I have no major projects I can work on right now, and my usual cohorts Randy and Chris are out for training this week. I can't even play any music because of the problem with the CD not sending signal to my speakers (this cannot be resolved due to a design issue) and since nothing good is on Internet radio I'm screwed. Bah!
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Woah, this is fun...

So I get a little ICQ message tonight from a coworker. Here's the long and short of it:

Coworker: ..... [redacted] and I talked this evening.. We both agree that nothing is going to change.. [redacted] said that he thinks Allen wants your head.. I'm really serious bro...

Well, well, well. I'd had my suspicions, and you know, dear reader, that I have jotted them down here before. However, this is a whole new ball game, since this is the first time I've really gotten solid, real material from somebody else that would indicate I wasn't simply having paranoid delusions or something. Yes, you can call it hearsay, but given that the source is highly reliable and "in the know" I'm going to trust them on this one.

I look at it this way, if my manager wants a fight, he's got it. I've outlasted one crazy bastard manager and by god I'll outlast this worthless slug, too. I am not a perfect employee, nor do I pretend to be. But I do know my stuff and I want to make a difference in this company. Frankly, given what I do for the company, I work pretty bloody cheap, and I know one high-level manager in particular recognizes that.

The problem as I see it is that people like my current jackass boss are too busy trying to make a name for themselves within the company. They're so busy being their own best PR buddies they end up causing more problems than they provide solutions.

So cast your votes, ladies and gentlemen; the war is about to begin, and I don't intend to pull any punches. If I'm going down, I'm going down with all guns blazing.
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