September 21st, 2001



Isn't it amazing how, sometimes, lyrics can nail down exactly the mood or emotion you are experiencing?

Today I have off from work. This was my employer's gesture of "appreciation" for the 12 hour shift I put in a week ago. You remember, the one that my manager so offhandedly commented on about how I was in the wrong field if I didn't want to work weekends? Yeah, that one.

What have I accomplished so far with my day off... well, to be truthful, not much. I took out a few bags of trash, because my apartment has a way of accumulating copious quantities of it before one inhabitant or another becomes incised enough to take the matter into their own hands and haul it out. This is a cycle I'd really like to break, but I'm just as guilty of it as my roommates, so I should start by improving myself before expecting them to get any better. I also changed the cat's litterbox, as it was about three days overdue and getting quite ripe. I did two loads of laundry -- the first load was towels and bedding, primarily. While this load was processing in the complex's laundry room I headed over to Jewel Osco and did my shopping spree, which mostly consisted of various "unmentionables." Don't let the description fool you, it was mostly just toiletries... bath tissue, paper towels, hand soap, bath soap, bleach, detergent... and of course my favorite snack in the whole world, Cheetos Curls (I want Cheesy Poofs!).

I came back from shopping, unloaded the groceries and sundries, and took a few minutes to consume my meal from Wendy's. Then I went back to the laundry room, unloaded the colors and loaded in a batch of whites. Add detergent, bleach and back to the apartment I go, to do some general puttering and cleaning.

So the whites are done, and sitting on my bed with the colors, waiting to be folded, sorted and stacked. I'm currently on the IRC, chatting with the #WT folk (Dave is on right now, recounting the various wackiness occuring up at Berkeley) and waiting for The Girl to show up. It'll hopefully be a quiet night. I guess we'll go rent a movie or two, have dinner at the local family restaurant and then crash. Tomorrow will be rather short since she has to go attend a staff meeting for MFF. I have to attend a meeting after the main one to discuss art-show stuff.

On a good note, plaguefox has returned.

I'm feeling empty and misunderstood
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