August 6th, 2001



I just finished watching Philadelphia, a movie based on a true story regarding a lawyer unfairly dismissed from his firm after it is discovered he is gay and has contracted HIV. This movie won several awards, and it deserved them. My god, is it powerful.

I was going to write something tonight along the lines of a rant, since when I got home I was in a terrible mood. I was thinking maybe a rant on the slow death of our language at the hands of marketing droids, or something along those lines, but I think I'll let it wait. After seeing this I just want to curl up on my bed with the lights off and some quiet music playing, and think about life, my friends, my family; I'd like to just muse on things for a while before I go to bed.

Seems like I should be getting somewhere
SOmehow I'm neither here nor there
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Aureth, purveyor of fine anthropomorphic sites such as has inflated my ego: The cornwuff has devoted an entire poll on Flayrah's front page to me this week. Usually I just show up as an option when he feels the need for a filler space or a nonsense answer choice. I'm sort of used to being a running joke (like Slashdot's "Cowboy Neal"), heck certain people have even come to expect to see me up there on the options list, but this is something a little different.

I'm tickled.
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