July 1st, 2001


Things I must do today...

1) Get the oil changed on the pickup.
2) At least two loads of laundry.
3) Pick up the apartment, if only a little.
4) Call my parents, since I haven't talked to them in two weeks or more.
5) Grocery shopping.

With luck I'll get two of these things done. :p
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    Loreena McKennitt - The mummers' dance

So far...

1513 hours and I've gotten the oil changed on the pickup, and I cleaned the interior of the windows and most of the dashboard to remove the Cherry Pepsi that's been there for... two? months now. So that's done. Wheee. Still need to do laundry, clean up the place, call my parents... but I don't wanna. Bleah.
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    R.E.M. - Orange Crush