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Houseguest arrived safely!

neuracnu made it here sometime around 11:00 PM. I've spent the last two hours and 45 minutes (or so) drinking, smoking and generally shooting the breeze with him, and it has been a most enjoyable experience. Our topics for conversation have ranged from work to Forum2010 to the furry fandom and 401(k) plans. I really dig Neu's sense of humor and how well-versed he is (ah, the benefits of a "classical education," something I lack). The guy just has a decent grip on reality, ya know?

Tonight's drinks included Diet Vanilla Coke and vodka, rum and Diet Rite and a second rum and Diet Rite.

Houseguest aside this has been a most interesting day. Around 4pm this afternoon I gave up trying to beat the new "panther" into submission and gutted mySQL, opting instead to compile my own. This proved significantly more difficult than I expected, but in the end I won the battle and now I can access mySQL not only through phpMyAdmin but via a number of interfaces as well. FrostFire is ready to migrate now that the tables are installed. Not only that, we've aquired a stray Burmese housecat as well. If I were to guess I'd say he escaped tonight -- he's very friendly, he's neutered, he's front-paw declawed, he's well-groomed and clearly well-fed. It's interesting, whereas Ra is almost entirely black this fellow is almost entirely silver and is just as friendly (Although Ra doesn't like him one bit). I'm sure that somebody in the complex is missing him, so tomorrow we'll take pictures with my digital camera and plaster the local area with fltyrs. I'll be sorry to give him up if the owner does step forward... but if they don't I imagine we'll be trying to find some way to keep him. He really is a sweetheart.

Tomorrow shall be moderately busy. Lunch will be had at BD's, and then I'm going to take Neu over to my office to give him a tour of our data center.

That perfect feeling when time just slips

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