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Additional update -- the build of the "new" server (currently at new.black-panther.us) is proceeding quite rapidly. I received notice on Thursday night that the setup was complete but when I tried to connect to the server I found that I couldn't gain access! After some poking and prodding kristenq suggested to me that this problem might have a very simple explanation: the customer service representative could easily have made a typo when they put the server's password into my form letter. This seemed the most rational possibility to me so I had to just let things go and wait until ValueWeb's customer service center opened on Friday morning. Right at 8 AM I was on the phone trying to get ahold of somebody who could resolve the problem for me (read: give me the right password). Sure enough, the password they sent me did not match the server's build records (it was quite a typo, I'm not sure how they managed to diverge that much.. this was not a case of striking one key that was right next to another... this was a case of using a zero where should have been a one, and numerous other differences). From then on it was package installation after package upgrade after source compilation! I worked until around 1:20 this morning building binaries, migrating website directories, DNS zone files and more from the "old" panther to the machine that will take its place.

Its times like this that I get a feel for just how much data has been entrusted to me. I am amazed at just how huge some of the websites are that I host. One of them, when archived with tar and compressed with gzip was still over 500 megs in size! I simply cannot fathom having that much material on a website. I must make a note to ask the responsible party what the hell it is that they've got tucked into the dusty corners of my hard drive.

After a lot of fighting with OpenSSL, Kerberos, Apache and miscellaneous unrelated-in-my-mind-but-still-terribly-important packages I finally got a functional webserver built. I've gotten most everything ready for the move when it comes to websites, but I'm having one or two minor issues that are keeping me from "throwing the switch" on it. Right now I'm battling Apache's ErrorDocument directive. See, I have nifty little custom-written web pages that should be displayed when the server encounters a 404 or 403 error. Yet for some reason it's refusing to display them, and I cannot figure out why. If simple little tweaks like customized error pages are acting broken then who knows what else might be wrong with the system! I'm glad I have another week and a half to get all the bugs ironed out.

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