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Another day of floating...

Today was in many ways similar to yesterday. More things were said and I still lack words to describe how they made me feel. To say that I'm still enthralled, that I'm still in shock over it all doesn't do justice to the sheer intensitive of it all. I keep wondering if it was real, fearing the moment when I awake; this has to be a dream, doesn't it? I look back, I reread, and yes, it really did happen. I came home smiling and cheerful.

I didn't imagine that this could ever happen, but... here it is. It's real. When did this take place? When did the scales tip from "wishful dreams" to "reality?" Was it an act so subtle that I didn't notice it? I can't say. It doesn't matter, anyway.

All that matters is how it makes me feel.

Put on your dancing shoes

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