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First off, I'm going to wish a happy birthday to both roho and yotogi. I hope being another year older is all it's cracked up to be, guys.

I got home last night and sort of crashed in front of the TV while Roho finished tidying up around the apartment a bit. His parents were due to arrive around 7:00 PM and we planned to take them up to BD's for an early birthday dinner. I watched a couple episodes of Family Guy while we waited, then tried to get ahold of captain18. I couldn't find any of his contact information, though... all I had was a set of outdated phone numbers for the house and his old job! Fortunately I was able to raise frostyw over AOL Instant Messanger, and got Cap's cell phone from him. I got ahold of Cap around 1911 and was able to work out the generic details on where and when to meet him today so we can get on the road without being at the whim of the clock. Having those details worked out lifted a great weight off my shoulders. I'm a sort of "goes with the flow" guy when it comes to planning, usually I'm pretty laid back and don't need a schedule that's broken down on a ten-minute interval to feel comfortable. However, with that being said, I do have to know that there is some semblance of a plan. The phone call helped cement the plan enough for me to feel good about the way things were going.

Roho's dad showed up around 2000, and after we said our greetings we all piled into enveri's car and made our way North. Unfortunately fitting everyone in the car was a simple task as we were one short... Roho's mother had come down with a migraine and opted to stay at the hotel since the mere thought of food was making her physically ill. Having suffered from more than my fair share of migraines in the past I have to say I understand exactly where she's coming from, and I hope that she recovers quickly. Migraines are absolutely terrible things to experience.

Once we were at BD's we met up with Roho's relative-by-some-blood-connection-I-don't-understand, Lori. Lori's very cool people (I continue to be astounded that she's roughly twice my age), and it would seem she hadn't seen Roho's dad in quite some time. They talked a lot! As an added bonush to the night we had Sarah for our server once again and were seated in the little triangle booth up in the corner so we could seat everyone and watch the Cubs game. Almost everyone had alcohol of some type except for me (I must be sick if I'm turning down booze) and Howard stopped by to chat for a few minutes. The food was of course awesome, and I think that Roho's father enjoyed the experience as a whole (he felt the seafood wasn't quite up to his standards...given that he lives right off the East Coast I'm really not that surprised). I was even able to get one of the new $20 bills from Colin, since he'd had somebody pay with one earlier. Will I be able to get one sooner or later? Sure, but I thought it would be neat to have one of the first ones that were printed for Thursday's introduction into circulation.

My plans for today are pretty straightforward. I'm going to put the panther sticker on the back of my truck, and see how it looks (and how much it obscures my vision through the rear view window). Then it's off to the Post Office to pick up a package that's been waiting for me since Wednesday. On the way back from the P.O. I'll be stopping at Fruitful Yield to check out their "Low Carb Carnival." They're supposed to be having a 25% off sale on everything low-carb, which could be a nice chance for me to stock up on Atkins-friendly candy bars and such in flavors that I can't get at Sam's Club. Then it's off to Captain's old place up in Lake Summerset, with a brief detour to my storage unit on the way there. I need to drop off a few things like my DLT jukebox and the RAID array (I won't be needing them since Panther's colocation facility is going away), and I'm sure the people who run the storage facility would like it if I paid my bill. I expect to be at Summerset by 2:30 PM, which should put us on the road with more than enough time to compensate for weird weekend traffic on I-90 as we make our way towards the Dells. I'm going to bring my film camera along with me so that I can try to take some pictures of the show -- if I'm lucky one or two of them might turn out! On Sunday we'll drive back, and I'm sure I'll be home before 7:00 PM.

I feel like I should try to work a haircut somewhere into the plans, but I honestly am not sure I have enough time for that given how late the Hair Cuttery opens on Saturdays. Mmm, well, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I walked along the avenue

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