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What an incredible day...

We had a high of 74 degrees today, with little to no wind around the office. It was truly gorgeous outside, and I continue to regret the vampire lifestyle that my job forces me to live. I should have stayed home to take advantage of this weather as I'm sure it won't last for much longer; fall is not a season that's known for lingering in these parts. If only I had played hooky from work! I could have washed and waxed the truck, or gone geocaching, or taken some pictures around the area. A few miles up North, towards BD's, there's an old silo that's going to be torn down soon and it's just crying out to me to be photographed.

Well.... since I'm on the topic of photos, I have something fairly shocking to share here:

This is a screenshot of my desktop at around 12:30 this afternoon, cropped to fit in LJ and so that you're not bored to death by the dull parts. This is our helpdesk system displaying my queue of issues that need to be resolved. Do you see the bold red print that says "No Pending Entries?" Yeah, that's the first time I've seen that phrase in the better part of eight months. I figured a screenshot needed to be taken just for posterity.

Some good news came in today: kristenq and I may split the cost of a dedicated server. This is a positive thing as it would help solve my colocation woes that I referenced on Monday. Hopefully we'll have things worked out (like a payment schedule and ordering of the server) before I leave for Wisconsin Dells on Saturday, as I'd like to have the server ready for initial software loads by Tuesday afternoon of next week. Of course with good news comes bad news, and here's where things get silly. In preparation for the thorough inquisition I will experience with a mortgage broker I ran my three-bureau credit report today. The results I got back were absolutely fascinating. Every bureau says I have a credit score that qualifies as "excellent," despite the delinquent payments I experienced three years ago. Every portion of the report is current except for one notable exception... the jackasses over at Experian still are reporting my Camaro loan as "open" and still are reporting a balance carrying forward. This is not a real shock to me, but it is annoying since the bank I had the loan with was nice enough to send a letter to all three credit bureaus notifying them to change my account status to "closed/paid in full." Experian apparently chose to ignore that. While they're not killing my score that little glitch isn't helping things either, and I'd like to have this problem resolved. I have an account with them for credit monitoring services so I filed an online dispute -- they claim it's easier and faster. I don't know about the faster part, that remains to be seen... but it sure isn't easier. I just hope they get it squared out without my having to involve certified letters and notarized copies of the letter I received from the bank that held the car loan.

One other bit of good news, I got a reply from another of the artists I have a pair of commissions with. Seems like he went incommunicado because of a sudden influx of work at his college, and since I've been a university student myself I can well sympathize. The letter apologized profusely for the delay and asked for a bit of input on my part. From the sound of it I'll have another pair of pencils to review by Friday night. If I'm terribly efficient I can give whatever direction he needs and sign off on it so he can get to work on the final versions. There are lots of productive artists this week, it would seem!

Tomorrow is the halfway mark of my workweek. I'm looking forwards to it, things have been going relatively smooth thus far and I can't see a reason for that to change. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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