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Monday Monday...

  • Today I survived work, which is a good thing.

  • Today at work I learned that jwz has it right, you must be this tall to touch the mailer. It's truly amazing to me how people can land jobs in IT in today's economy and still manage to completely ignore the simplest things. For example, today's burst of insanity was because nobody bothered to read the rather detailed error messages that SMTP was generating on the bounced messages. Should the error details be in flashing neon pink, people? Do you need the protocol to hold your hand? Let's see you get that level of error reporting out of NFS. Go on, I dare you.

  • I found out that the current colocation facility for my server is going to disappear in about two weeks. Now I must begin a mad scramble to find the server a new home that will treat it right and meet my needs. If I can't do that I will probably end up spending $99 a month to have a dedicated server at an ISP, which is about my last resort at this point. Does anybody have suggestions on hosting facilities? I need to have full control over the box, meaning I want it to be UNIX of some type, I want to be able to switch-user to root at any time and install any software package I want.

  • I took a few pictures of the moon tonight with my SLR and the big macro lens. I couldn't resist the opportunity that presented itself when I noticed the moon hanging enormous over the roof of the next apartment unit... with the night sky is so clear this evening and the moon so bright it all begged for some attempts at long exposure photography. I'm sure I looked like a goon in the parking lot, trying to steady my camera on top of a pile of books that I'd set atop the Expedition's roof (I really need a tripod. I really, really need a tripod. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get one for Christmas with a nice ball head). Hopefully at least one of the photographs will turn out the way I intended it to. I'm really anxious to see what it looks like when the film is developed, I'm afraid that with the extended exposure and nonstable surface I got some jitter that might cause streaking.

  • I'm getting all my paperwork in order to buy a house. More accurately I'm getting all my financial ducks in a row to go prequalify for a mortgage. It's awe-inspiring, it's terrifying and it's really confusing. It's a huge commitment! It's something I should have done quite some time ago, and something I plan to rectify shortly. You know what makes me look forward the most to being a homeowner? It's not the equity, it's not the expanded room, it's not the pride in having a slice of the American dream.... oh no, not me. I'm looking forward to being able to vacuum the carpet in the nude without anybody being able to complain. Yes, I am a simple creature. Mean, but simple.

  • I got to see a pencil sketch of my commission with Richard Bartrop, more commonly known in the fandom as "Lord Grey." I haven't heard anything from him in over 8 months and was getting a little disillusioned with things (I was starting to figure that the money was long gone, the second time that's happened to me with an artist), but last night he sent me the URL to a pencil sketch he had done. To be honest... it's not what I had in mind when I described the scene to him, not by a long shot. I'm not sure if I like it, but it's an interesting interpretation of what I gave him to work with. In a way I am actually intrigued by it now that I start to think about it some more... the way he's portraying my character is immensely different from the way you've seen him in other drawings. With any luck the finished product will be produced in a very short amount of time, and when I get it I think it will be one of the more unique pieces in my little collection.

    The drummer relaxes and waits between shows
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