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Random, incoherent tidbits of my weekend...

I saw "Finding Nemo" with roho and enveri last night. It wasn't really my speed as a film overall, but I did get a chuckle out of one or two parts of the film and overall it was a nice change of pace (I had wanted to see "Bruce Almighty" but we were a little too late to make the show). On our way out of the theater Roho and Kes put a finger on why the film may not have clicked for me when Roho remarked that something was lacking that other Pixar films have had in the past, but he wasn't sure what. After we talked about it for a minute we realized that some of the "in jokes" for adults were absent in this film for the most part, it was pretty much geared exclusively to the children. But at $2 (hurrah for the super-cheap theater!) I couldn't really complain too much... it was pretty cute, and I thought this was a pretty unique spin on the journey-from-home/search theme that has been such a perennial favorite in storytelling.

This morning got things off to a nice start and set the tone for the rest of the day. Ra woke me up around 8:00 AM, and after I had fed him and the fish I visited a bit online with amichele2. A little while later I had the pleasure of sharing shiver101's company when she unexpectedly logged on. In the early afternoon I managed to convince Roho to hop in the Expedition with me while I zipped down to Hoffman Estates to get a prescription refilled for Ra. On our way back home we stopped at CVS to pick up some miscellaneous things (I needed tape, wrapping paper and a few other items) and then we continued our chores by driving over to Sam's Club. I bought a tub of roasted almonds, some laundry detergent, some vanilla Atkins shakes, some almond-brownie Atkins snack bars, some peanut butter cups and that was it. It's amazing... I only bought five things today, but I walked out with a total of $70.86 once again. Roho walked out with like... $37 as a total. How the hell does that keep happening to me? I mean, $70 for five items... that's frustrating to say the least. I can only imagine what my total would have looked like if I had fallen prey to my desire to pick up some of the DVDs that Sam’s had in stock (Season 2 of "The Osbournes", Stephen King's "Dream catcher" and the anniversary edition of "Scar face"). I'd be positively bankrupt by now! Fortunately I curbed my desire to spend money frivolously and didn't buy anything that I didn't absolutely need. I don't have any place to store more movies right now as it is, so I guess I made the right choice.

On the way home from the warehouse club I took a detour to a local used-book store, "Books Again." I was looking to see if they had a copy of "Fight Club" in stock. I was a little disappointed to hear that they did not have a copy of it, nor had they ever had a copy. I decided that I shouldn't be surprised, and that I would try a different approach. Since my review is coming up I thought it would be amusing to read "The Art of War" so I asked if they had that in stock since I didn't see it in any of the logical places on the shelves (Philosophy, non-fiction, etc). Once again, no joy... not in stock, have never had it in stock. This is why I don't patronize reseller stores very much... they can have some neat things that you didn't know you were looking for, but as a rule they don't have what you are looking for, thus rendering their service somewhat useless.

A package was awaiting me when we got back to the apartment and finished unloading the Expedition I was quite pleased because I knew ahead of time what it was... my Deep Discount DVD order was finally completed! That's right, I've finally received all the various movies I ordered over three weeks ago, as today's box contained the final part of the purchase -- my boxed set of Wes Craven's classic "Nightmare on Elm Street" series. I can't wait to tear into this as it has been years since I've seen this classic of the horror genre. Kestral has already told me that she'll occupy herself in the bedroom if I decide to watch any of the eight discs that comprise the set -- she has zero interest in horror films. I have received this reaction every time I've mentioned this new acquisition, and I just can't understand why. This is a staple of the horror genre, it helped set the bar in the 80s the same way "The Exorcist" did in 1973. It's a classic!

Dinner was had tonight at the Continental. I haven't been there in a while, and it was good to drop by and see Pete and some of the wait staff I recognize. The steak-and-eggs dish was exactly what the doctor ordered for me, and when we left I was feeling sated and very drowsy. As soon as we were home I was yawning! I dropped down on the couch and turned on the DVD player. I decided since the weekend was going so well I was in the mood for something light and silly, so I watched one of my other DVDs that had arrived earlier in my order from Deep Discount DVD. Tonight's choice was the 1986 sci-fi/horror b-movie "Critters," which I thoroughly enjoyed. As an added bonus I got Ra curled up on my lap throughout the film, and had him to pet while I watched the film.

Tomorrow promises to be another good day: the three of us will be doing our regular trip to BD's for lunch, I absolutely have to have my Mongolian fix. The twist this week is that we're going to be joined by not one, not two, but three extras! hightensile will be attending, as well as almanzo and daf666. With that many people we're going to nearly qualify for party status, and that's just fine with me. The staff loves us, so we will undoubtedly be treated right.

I'd like to go take some pictures of the urban decay that's all around me (the abandoned K-mart down the street, or the abandoned grocery store in the strip mall right next to us) but I can't seem to figure out what the best way will be. My digital camera is the easiest to work with and requires no added expense to me if I use it... but it takes the lousiest pictures. My SLR takes excellent photos but is limited in how many pictures I can take per roll, and the processing fees in this state are positively astronomical, which makes film prohibitive to use in terms of cost.

You must've thought I never even tried

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