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Here's a thought that'll undoubtedly keep me up tonight....

This guy has just been signed to a two year, $7.5 million dollar contract to be the pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles.

Think about that, people. $7.5 million dollars over two years to throw a ball over a plate. For a game. Meanwhile during the mid 1990s my hometown's school system was in a budget crisis so severe they couldn't afford paper for the photocopier so all classwork had to be done not off worksheets, but on our own paper while staring at a transparency that was projected onto the wall.

A quick bit of research for more current figures shows that the lowest salary in 2001-2002 for a public school teacher in Illinois is $24,616.

$7.5 million over two years to throw a baseball. $24,616 per year to educate our children.

Can anybody else say society has some skewed motherfucking priorities?

Sure, I knew ya could.

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