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For some reason the first few lines of this were floating around in my head when I woke up from a nap this afternoon, and as I slowly gathered my wits about me the words started trying to batter their way out of my skull and onto paper. I thought I should jot it down here so I don't forget the good part, since little snippets like this are prone to slipping my mind shortly after they invade it. These moments of inspiration are rare enough that I've come to realize I need to act quickly to capture whatever it is that's coming my way -- if I procrastinate or ask too many questions then undoubtedly it'll all evaporate and I'll be left with nothing. I wrote down the first four lines without a problem, then I was left to stare blankly at my keyboard. I started wondering what was supposed to come next. Unfortunately it seemed as if that was all there was to it, just those four lines and nothing more. Since I wasn't in any rush to post this and I was feeling a bit of a rush from the sudden blast of inspiration I tried adding some more words, moving entire sentences around and just playing with a couple of the underlying concepts that I perceived. Nothing very good materialized despite my best efforts -- and what did get added in afterward feels awkward forced (for some reason I'm reminded of watching the foals on the farm learning to walk, and how they kept tripping over their long, ungainly legs). Overall I find this to be an exercise that would most likely be best left forgotten. I'm only committing it here because there's a faint chance sometime in the future I might devise a way to salvage it, and if I do I can easily retrieve it at that time.

So... yeah. There's a basic framework here, a fleeting glimpse at whatever concept it was that inspired me, but it's rough-hewn and full of broken edges. I hope that some day I'll get around to refining it, but that day is undoubtedly far in the future.

Rather than reading my words I strongly suggest that you go look at the new art that enveri posted in her journal by clicking here! I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

For those of you who are masochistic, the rambling words are below.

Oh lamentable soul
Long lost on your river of pride
Who will carry you back to us
When at last the stream goes dry

As you walk the road alone
What will give you shelter in the storm
Only a thin memory to protect you
A carnival of terrors in the night born

Lost, lamentable soul
Lured by voices whispering far away
Wandering mazes of dusty friendship
Shown barren by the breaking day

Can you see what hubris has wrought
The hall pillars by pain rent asunder
All that you have these last years built
Stripped free of the vestiges of wonder

Lost, lamentable soul
Retreating deep within your hold
Seeking comfort from poisoned murmurs
At what cost to you is safety sold

Searching ruin for hidden meaning
Do you spy the shadow cast
The nagging sense of things undone
And decisions regretted from the past

Lost, lamentable soul
Do you ever find how hard you seek
Awash amidst hardship, anger, pain
It calls to you, that ancient peak

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