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Holy crap...

I arrived home at the apartment last night sometime around 9:45, said "Hi" to roho's sister, ate a dinner that enveri was thoughtful enough to prepare for me and then went to bed. I think I was under the covers and snoring before my clock read 10:25 PM.

Despite Ra's best efforts I slept in this morning, trying to recover a little from the massive exhaustion I've spent the week working under. Finally I got up around 10 AM, took a shower and fed a very angry black cat. Roho and his sister were planning their drive into downtown Chicago for some site-seeing when I finally emerged from the bathroom. I wasn't in the mood for downtown, and even less in the mood for walking miles upon miles of bustling pavement so I declined, although I was touched that they thought to extend the offer. No, I had something different planned for today, and after wishing them a good trip I stepped out to do so. My major goal for today was simple -- wash and wax the truck. In the last two weeks it's been absolutely disgusting, with dust and mud spattered and streaked all over it (which would not bother me if I had actually gotten the chance to take it off road to earn the filthiness, mind you). Add into the equation that winter is fast approaching and I knew I needed to get at least one coat of wax on the paint job if nothing else. So off I went down the road, looking for a car parts store with the express desire of picking up some necessities like a chamois cloth and some washing mits. I got some of what I needed at a Parts Plus but found myself ultimately at a Target Greatland for the remainder of my needs. Once I had achieved those I would use the supplies graciously sold to me with the truck to clean it up and wax it. Pay very careful attention... I left around 10:34 and got to the car wash with all my necessities around 10:45.

It is 2:35 PM and I just now got done dealing with the wax.

That's right, it took me the better part of three hours to wash and wax that behemoth SUV! I have evidentally underestimated just how frigging huge that Expedition is. It has slowly revealed to me that it will be a challenge to maintain this truck properly in the winter so that the road salt and sand doesn't eat the body away. I would like this vehicle to last for the next six years at the very least, as in a very short time period I am going to be up to my eyes in debt and a new rig will be right out of the question. A second motivating factor is that it would be a simple shame to let this one rust... the body is in near-perfect condition. As a bit of background: before I bought it the Expedition lived in a sunny Southern state and never once saw a flake of frozen water during its time there. Unfortunately those days are behind it now that it's been imported into the land of ice and snow, so it's up to me to defend it from the assault of corrosion. So today's major chore is done, and I can reast assured that I have at least gotten one coat of wax on it. I think I'll try to get another one on it next weekend if the weather permits; I don't feel that this coat had enough time to dry before I buffed it out (rain was threatening on the horizon, so I had to start buffing about 20 minutes before I really wanted to). The good news is that I can allow myself to feel some small bit of accomplishment with the closing of this "little chore" as this is the first time that I've finally gotten some routine maintenance done on it (the first such maintenance since I took ownership about a month ago).

Holy crrap do my wrists hurt after applying and then buffing all that Turtle Wax away. The surface area of the Expedition's hood alone must be equal to the square footage of most one-bedroom apartments. It's a damn lucky thing for me that I didn't stumble across an Excusrion. I would still be out there applying the wax at this point...

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