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Joy, updates...

Last night's entry... well, I found out what they meant when the trouble ticket said "They can see the Internet but can't view the Web." They have a server at the campus, that sits on their DMZ, that is named "web." So why they didn't say "we can't access the server named "web"" I may never know, but that's what it meant.

Christ almighty, I'm having flashbacks to Chronicles of George.

So now, dear reader, you have proof that you can say one thing and mean something completely different.

On another note, I'm going up to the Rockford, Illinois area tomorrow, so that I can hang out with Masem and Captain. Captain is playing host to one of the #wt regulars this weekend (Almanzo), so we've all been invited up to shake the visitor's hand and make sure he knows exactly WHY the Midwest rocks the continent. Oh, and Mas, Cap and I will likely get drunk, too, because that's what we do. ;) I'm not sure precisely what we'll be doing -- I figure the weather will influence things quite a bit. But whatever we end up doing, I'm sure we'll do a lot of it. I'll also be able to retrieve my DVDs for the first season of the Sopranos.

Also, my new Browning cap has arrived. You may now rejoice.

Where were they going without ever knowing the way

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