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2325 hours...

Well, I've been home for about 30 minutes now, having pulled in just before 2300. Like a true bachelor I've made myself dinner by just throwing a couple of cheddar brats on a plate and microwaving them until they were hot. After a bit of prompting I searched around and found my mail. It's good that I took the hint, because stacked amongst the credit card offers (no thanks, four is quite enough, especially with the credit limits I carry) was an envelope that was not like the others. Imagine my surprise when I saw it was from amichele2, and inside was a card with some very wonderful things written on it! A most unexpected gift, and truly one that helped lift my spirits after a long and tiring day.

Now I'm going to stagger off to bed so I can sleep for 6 hours and do the second verse (Tuesday) the same as the first. Check that, I'm going to stagger off to bed because it's imperative I get into my bedroom -- judging from the long, drawn-out and absolutely pitiful maiowls I'm hearing from behind the door my cat is very likely to spontaneously combust if he doesn't see me in the next sixty seconds. Good grief, I don't think I've heard sad, horrible vocalizations like that since I "abandoned" him for 24 hours to go to Wisconsin over Labor Day. I swear that feline has a set of lungs on him that would make a professional athlete jealous.

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