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Answers to Questions, Volume 1

It's 2140 hours on Monday, and I've had a very full day. I spent 8 hours in training today, then came straight over to the office to work on documentation. I got here around 1700 hours and went straight to my desk. The good news is that I completed my budgetary justification for one project. THe bad news is that's the only thing I've completed. A good portion of my time was spent on the configuration document, and i made no further headway on my performance appraisal. I'll be back here tomorrow without a doubt.

However, before I shut everything down and make the drive home I figured I better answer some of the questions that have been asked via my poll from yesterday.

In no particular order, here are the answers to the questions asked so far!

lcremeans: I think it's a fine color, but it doesn't belong anywhere on my shirts, dammit.

arrjaysketch: I personally blame society, but you may choose to blame the itching powder that we poured in there.

stryck: Battletech. Some would argue that it doesn't match the classical definition, but they can take a flying leap. The sad part is it has been years since I've been involved in any Battletech campaign, and all my various rulebooks and data sheets are boxed away in storage now.

jdm314: 1.73205081i

kinkyturtle: Yes, you may and no, I won't... not even if you ask nicely.

dracana: I have no idea what the second option really is (it sounds vaguely dirty), so I choose "high bounce ball."

almanzo: If I were had to be born that way, then blind. If I had to wake up that way tomorrow morning, then deaf.

Question one from amichele2: Because it gives the poets something to write about, naturally.
Question two from amichele2: In my closet, at the present moment.

frostyw: When I was four years old my father fixed up the snowmobile he used to race on back before I was born. A friend of his, named Craig, came over with a sled of his own to do some riding. Late that night, around 10 PM, my dad bundled me up in my snowsuit and took me for a ride with him on the racing sled, with Craig following alongside. I wasn't big enough at the time to ride on the back of the sled (and there wasn't much of a seat to speak of) so dad had me sitting on the gas tank on front of him, propped between his legs, with my back against his stomach. The sound of the exhaust was absolutely deafening, it was as if the whole world were ending every time he gave the engine more throttle. The sky was dark as pitch, the air was bitingly cold, the lights on the sled were far too small (and far too dim) and we were going far too fast for it to be safe. Despite all of that, even though it was my first time on a snowmobile I felt as if I was in no danger. How could I be? My dad would protect me and wouldn't let me get hurt -- that's what dads do, right? Mostly I think it stays with me because not only did I feel safe, I felt exhilirated by the feel of the wind across my face, the blur of the ground beneath us and the way the stars shone above.

mwalimu: Heh, that's a good one. I guess that I did a lot of contributing at the beginning -- I scoured the 'net and newsgroups for stories to submit as well as taking time out to author a number of editorials. My sole goal at the time was to see this thing succeed, and I was willing to do whatever it took to try and keep drawing back the readers. Eventually I found myself running out of things to write about that would stir up the populace, so I started trying to turn my creativity towards other things. I found a niche for a while... there had been a point where a particular poll had been up for far too long. Since I'd gotten tired of it I sent an e-mail off that suggested a new one and gave some possible answers. It seems that the site's proprietor liked my idea, and then added me as an option on a complete whim. Perhaps it was a way of giving a bit of recognition for the work I had put in, perhaps it was as an homage to Cowboy Neal of /. fame, maybe it was a gag option to take the place of "None of the above." As far as I can remember I never really asked. The reaction by the readers was surprising, though -- I got a number of votes that first time around. Eventually it became a running gag, and some people even started to expect me to be listed there. I'll never forget when I was on FurryMUCK one night and got a page from somebody who wanted to register a complaint about my absence on that week's poll.. I was amused as well as flattered.

And that concludes that run of questions. This has been a lot of fun. If you haven't asked yet, what are you waiting for? I'm waiting!

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