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Sunday evening wrap-up.

We sent hightensile on his way back home about four hours ago, so he should be almost home now. He arrived safe and sound last night, and as soon as he got in we went over to The Continental for dinner. The place was pretty quiet for 9:45 pm on a Saturday, which was sort of nice. I feared that we would be inundated with teenagers who had nowhere better to go.

After dinner we came back to the apartment and settled onto the couch, watching some more Family Guy. Hightensile and his girl kristenq really seemed to enjoy watching that while we were up in Madison over the Labor Day weekend, so it seemed logical that we should continue the theme by breaking open the second box set (I'm glad that arrived on Thursday!). The first episode was "The Thin White Line," which is one I haven't seen for quite some time. I'm amazed at just how edgy the comedy was on that show, even in the third season. In a way Family Guy reminds me of "Married With Children," which certainly pushed the envelope during its time on the air.

After we finished off "Thin White Line" and its companion episode everyone was pretty well cashed out for the evening. The futon was unfolded, blankets and pillows secured for Hightensile and everyone went to bed. The household got moving again sometime around 9:15 in the morning. Since I was one of the first people up I spent some time idly chattering with Brad, and then I decided around 10 o'clock that he needed to be introduced to the beauty that is Run Lola Run or, if you want to be more accurate, Lola rennt. I think Brad was suitably awed by it, and the timing was perfect... the movie finished up and we left for BD's at 11:30, arriving there shortly after noon. Lunch was had and I began cementing plans for another big dinner party there this year. The reservation is made, our wait staff selection has been made and a potential headcount given. Sara seems very excited at the prospect of having our group return and I'm definitely looking forward to it, too. I know some people like tarinfirepelt have been lusting for this since the previous excursion last year, and who am I to disappoint? We were treated well last year and I have no doubt we will have an equally enjoyable experience this year. The best news is that the group should be a little smaller and thus a bit more easy to handle. When a crowd gets too large it's unwieldy, prone to inertia and simply not as enjoyable to be a part of.

Tomorrow I begin my week of training on NAI's Sniffer product, furthering my skill set for work just a little more. Normally I would be basking in the glow of what amounts to a paid vacation, but that's not the case this time. I expect I will be spending my evenings after training in the office, writing documentation. Such is the price for my procrastination this weekend. Maybe if I'm lucky I can hammer out my self-appraisal for the 2002-2003 year and get that done before I go to bed tonight, although I don't really imagine that I will.

I wish I was a starship in silence flying by

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