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It's 2128 hours. Do you know where your hightensile is?

This better not be like waiting for Godot, because I do want to have dinner sometime tonight and my patience is not infinite.

While we're awaiting his arrival I've been watching some TV and lending a hand so that enveri can get her copy of Gallery up and running. This has of course required the assistance of roho since he's the sysadmin for the machine in question. Now that we've gotten that problem resolved (Yay chroot'd apache causing weirdness!) I'm being asked to help troubleshoot a Sendmail issue, which I think I already have an answer for... but we shall see. No matter what it is I'm doing right now it's definately not work-related, which means I'm procrastinating, and you know what they say about procrastination: "It's a lot like masturbation. It's all good until you realize in the end that you've just fucked yourself." So be it, however. I still don't have the motivation to write up my self-appraisal or work on configuration documents and I'll probably just go to the office every night after class to work on my paperwork. It's better than trying to convince myself that I should be doing it at home. Tick-tock, tick-tock, the deadline approaches steadily and here I am rationalizing ways to continue to postpone the inevitable. I suppose it's because I know how utterly pointless this work really is -- the company will never fully deploy or utilize this software, so why bust my chops documenting it? My review might be important if I thought I stood a snowball's chance in Hades of getting the new title or a raise above 2%.

Like everyone else in the world, when I am faced with an odious task I do everything in my power to avoid it. The good news is that tomorrow Roho, Kestral and I shall whisk our visiting friend up to Vernon Hills, and the four of us shall feast on BD's. Long live the BDs tradition!

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