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Oh what a night.

I can't complain about how this evening went. From 5pm to 9pm I was at Magnum steakhouse in Lombard, listening to my coworker Ray play the piano and sing. I got a couple of my requests granted and Ray seemed to be happy for my company. I listened to the music, drank a great deal and had a tasty salad and steak for dinner. After his shift was over (his manager booked an act to start at 9pm as "Relief" for the evening) we went over to a local Denny's and had dinner. Conversation naturally wandered towards work-related topics and was, well, what it was. I won't worry about that much. What matters most to me is that I had an enjoyable evening away from teh apartment, and while I spent a pretty penny (over $120) I managed to relax and enjoy myself. Ray even managed to work me into one of his songs, but I'll save that story for tomorrow's writeup. Right now Ra is whining and mewling plaintively in protest at being secured in my bedroom without me, and I fear that if I allow this to continue for much longer he'll meow himself hoarse.

I'm in a New York state of mind

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