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Quiet evening...

Tonight I spent a few hours in my bedroom hacking away on documents for work. I usually don't take my work home with me, but there's the small problem that these and several other major batches of paperwork are due before the 25th. This wouldn't be a problem but next week I'm out of the office for training so I'll have no productivity at all in the final hours of the countdown. So I have to do it at home. If I don't I'll either have to stay late at the office this week -- something I don't consider to be an option, given how much I hate that place -- or I will fail to meet the deadline. At the risk of sounding cliche, "failure is not an option" at this juncture. At least I don't want it failing on my behalf -- I think it'll fail just fine on its own, so I want to make sure I hold up my end so the blame cannot fall on my shoulders. Thus I did round one of my papework tonight. Round two I will tackle tomorrow at the office, and I'll bring round three home with me and hopefully have it done by this time tomorrow night. If all goes well I can have things submitted by Friday and be done about four days ahead of time. Then I can sit back and coast through my training courses, and enjoy them for what they are: a chance to get out of the office and away from the seventh circle of hell that it has become for me.

I lead such an exciting life. Wasn't I supposed to be flying an invisible jet or something by this point?

Now that you've made yourself love me

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