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We're back from the circus!

The show ran about two hours, starting at 7:30 and ending around 9:30 (with about a 15 minute intermission around 8:15). It was a small family-run show, but it was an actual circus which is something that you don't see much anymore. It had a live band, everything was done by hand and the acts were pretty good. Sara sat with us for the second half of the show and I got fed some interesting tidbits -- for example on of the acts is a family that is on its sixth generation of performers. That's what I call a case of talent running in the family!

Two acts stand out -- one was a 15 year old girl performing on the "aerial straps," which looked like long gauzy curtains. She was suspended about thirty feet up in the air with no net and did something that was part art and part acrobatics routine -- it was amazing to watch. The other act that really stood out was the closing act with the "wheels of destiny." I was amazed at how fast two guys in mutually opposed hamster wheels can actually go. The act itself defied description, but the part where the one brother walked on the outside of the wheel completely blindfolded was breathtaking -- especially when he tripped and almost fell. I think the audience uttered a collective gasp at that point.

There were animal acts as well: There was a dog-and-pony show that was very cute (dogs riding horses, an alpaca that jumped over two camels that were crouched side-by-side, etc) and a performing elephant. I'm amazed by the elephant act -- Sara tells me that she is an older animal who is a natural ham and adores attention. If that's the case she defiantely deserves it! I've never seen an elephant do an act where it essentially walks a tightrope (there was an I-beam suspended between two large barells that she walked across). As if that wasn't surprising enough her closing portion of the act was to balance on the i-beam using only her two front feet. Pretty amazing for an animal that large -- heck, I probably weigh in at a ton and a half less and I can barely balance on an ibeam. If the "rope" were altered in size to match my scale I have no doubt in my mind I'd fall face first onto the ring's floor.

There was also a trapeeze act (that's how the show opened), a juggling act and a few tumbling acts that were pretty fun to watch. All told I really enjoyed myself. The site was only about 25 miles away, parking was more than ample and when we left after the crowd there was almost no traffic to contend with. According to Sara it was a sold-out show for opening night, apparently there were about 1,000 people in attendance for the 7:30 PM showing and about 900 people in attendance for the 4:30 show. There will be one more day of circus -- tomorrow -- and then everything will be packed up again for the trip back to Oklahoma.

Was it worth my $8 for the ticket? Without a doubt! It was a nice chance to get away from the routine, the cat and the apartment for a few hours. I clapped so much my wrists are sore. I'll have to be sure to thank Sara for convincing us to attend, and ask her to invite us to more social functions. Every time she's asked us to join her at some event we've had an absolutely stellar time.

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