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I found out that Randy, our UNIX engineer, is out of the office today. Evidentially he needed to be absent to attend to some family matters -- I understand that his wife had a death in her family. Actually, I discovered this information last night. So what do I do? I call in to work and "extend" my vacation by one extra day, just to sort of remind them that they promised us a new UNIX engineer over four months ago. Woah, the unthinkable has happened -- both Fer and Randy are out of the office on the same day! Uh oh!

Those last comments are said entirely tongue-in-cheek, naturally. Randy and I usually have an agreement that when one is out of the office the other will go through great lengths to be there, just because we don't want other folks touching "our" Solaris boxen. I still consider the servers to be "mine" because I administrated the machines for over a year and a half, and even with Randy being hired to take the position I vacated to accept my promotion I still have my hands in the machines. The workload is that bad on the UNIX side of the shop, yes. So Randy and I have always cooperated to ensure that one of us is in the office when the other one isn't. However, over the last few weeks, we've been getting glad handed by management at the company. Understand that we approached our boss about a week and a half ago, asking why no hiring process had been initiated if the position had been approved. We were told quite glibly that "Oh, yes, the position has been approved and created, but the budget for that position hasn't been approved yet." Um, what in the HELL? How can the position be created without funding to pay for it?! If there's no money to make the position to go, I don't think you should be telling your staff that the position is created and available (and then neglect to mention there's no money to pay for the job, so it's not really being recruited), just to keep them from griping about how short-handed they are. That's total pants, as my friends in #watertower would say (who evidentially picked it up from a Brit). So, while I'm being a bit underhanded (and I know it) this is my way of just sticking it to the company a little bit to remind them who makes the place go and that we're still short-handed... and that we don't like being lied to.

Yeah, I'm a petty, petty creature.

I want to be your sledgehammer

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