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Sailing pictures are up!

I finally got my photographs from Saturday's sailing expedition to upload into the gallery I prepared for them. You can see it by going to http://feren.black-panther.us/gallery/albums.php or by simply going to my Gallery and clicking on the boating album, which has a great picture of the lighthouse next to it.

After skimming the gallery I have to say that most of the photos turned out only "okay." This is a little frustrating to me, but I am not entirely surprised because the sun wasn't in the best place for most of the photographs that were taken... we ended up with a lot of backlighting. A major problem with my digital is that it isn't advanced enough to allow me to control things like exposure. Another thing I've noticed is that many of the pictures taken were grainier than usual, something I attribute to the rocking motion of the boat while we were out on the lake -- the waves got pretty noticable now and then, and made getting non-blurred pictures a lot more difficult. Third, it was a real pain to get the photos taken: the auto-focus system also didn't cope real well with a lot of the "distractions" a boat can present, from flapping flags to sparkling water. Ultimately I think the system got a bit confused. Still, despite the problems I had with techonology (paired with my lousy eye for photos) there are some very good images in the collection. For those of you who don't feel like browsing through all 81 photos in the album I've selected a few of the highlights and included them here....

Feren in front of Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain

Roho in front of the fountain

"Chicago works out..." We didn't know what it means, either.

Chicago skyline from the lake

Patrick, our gracious host

Roho, thoughtful

A nice shot of the end of Navy Pier

The "Windy," an immense tourist sailboat

Patrick acting like a fountain

A boat with a helicopter on board

Feren on a raft with the skyline behind him

Roho making waves

Feren with beer and a skyline

Feren, Roho and a lighthouse

Feren at the helm

Awesome architecture</a>

Life's a journey - not a destination

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