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Call Kellog's! Call the office police! Call somebody!

Could somebody please tell me why there are approximately three to five soggy, decomposing and positively revolting corn flakes caught in the drain trap of the 7th floor kitchenette's sink every single day?

I could maybe understand it if this only occurred once in a while, but every morning? That's just ridiculous! See, when I go for my daily cup of decaff I wash out my mug, which as most of you will know requires a sink and a water source, which is thoughtfully provided in the little kitchenette we have turned into a pseudo coffee bar (it used to be a full break room but it got converted into cube space because other departments were jealous). Every morning as I wash out my mug I look down in the sink and see three to five soggy corn flakes sitting in the right basin's drain trap. Every day by noon or so they've been eroded and flushed down the pipes.... only to have the process repeated again the very next day.

We do not have a garbage disposal built into our sinks! Man, if you can't finish your breakfast at least have the courtesy to dump the remnants in the garbage bin the company so thoughtfully provides. Leaving food to rot in the sink is just revolting not to mention unsanitary. When I was attending college I had to put up with this crap thanks to the three idiots from West Virginia I was assigned to room with. None of those twinks had never been out of the house on their own before, and they apparently were under the mistaken impression I was going to take Mommy's role of cleaning up after them (I will never forget the episode with the hamburgers that were left on the patio's grill for a week). When I got my own apartment the problem was solved... but then I wound up living with twan and eventually cabbitattack and suddenly it was the same old routine with dirty dishes left unattended for a week in the sink. Sometimes, for added bonus-round fun, they'd try to make it better by leaving stagnant water at the bottom -- just what a growing colony of e. coli bacteria needs to get a good start! Oh, and when I say the plates were dirty, I mean "dirty" to rhyme with "whole portions of food were still on there when the dishes got dumped in because both of them were too lazy to scrape off their plate." Absolutely, positively, without-a-goddamn-doubt the most disgusting series of experiences I've ever had the misfortune to experience.

So yes, I'm sensitive to the condition of the sink because I've had more than my share of that misery and never want it to happen again. I can understand it from the three idiots who'd never been out on their own -- they just didn't know better, and they were simply dumb. I can almost understand it from my two former roommates -- they weren't the brightest bulbs on the tree and did it partially to spite me since they were passive-aggressively trying to get back at me for demanding they pay their fair share of utilities and rent. I do not understand it when I'm working with 80 other people on this floor who have an average yearly salary of $60,000 per head. The combined salary spent on this floor alone is pushing half a million dollars a year so I'd like expect a little more from my coworkers than for food to be left rotting in the sink every day.

Somebody here is clearly overpaid, not capable of mastering simple tasks and is in need of some re-education, with said re-education to involve a nest of angry wasps, a bottle of fire ants, a 2x4 and a short length of rubber hose.

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