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Well, doesn't that just suck?

So after I got done running my various errands today I zipped all my photos from yesterday's outing on the sailboat into one file and sent it up to my server for processing. For some reason that I don't entirely fathom the upload succeeded but Gallery was unable to access any of the pictures within. I'm not sure exactly what happened there. It'll bear some investigating because now I'm really curious what went wrong. Unfortunately it's 9:40 PM, it is incredibly hot in my bedroom despite the relative cool outside and I'm getting ready for bed... so between the heat-induced stupor and my generally feeling tired I doubt I'll be doing any digging into the problem tonight.

Hmf. Well, I guess the pictures will just have to wait until tomorrow. I know everyone is terribly disappointed, but y'all will just have to wait patiently while I use alternate methods at my disposal.

However, I do have something to tide you over!

enveri drew this picture of me and somebody very special indulging in a tender moment on Friday night when we were having dinner at the Continental Restaurant. It was done on the spur of the moment... she just grabbed a crayon from where it was sitting on the table, pulled my napkin across and started sketching. When she was done she turned it around and presented me with what you see above. I found it very touching and my spirits lifted a little because of it. What you can't tell from this image is that Kestral had actually done a number of drawings on the napkin. Unfortunately this is the only one she scanned when I returned the napkin to her today... but then, this is the image that had by far caught my attention. Normally I wouldn't share this sort of gift with anybody but the person who was also pictured, but I thought this deserved a bit of time out in public, and I think it'll prove a pleasant surprise for that certain someone. I hope you like it.

Who needs ya?

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