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Fill your meaningless life with material possessions!

Yes, the subject is tongue-in-cheek.

Anyway, late last week I managed to win a bidding war on eBay for a nifty bit of original art:

The cel arrived Monday afternoon, not long before my journeying parents made their appearance on my doorstep. So now I am the proud owner of original art by Dennis "Big Daddy" Tessier of the world-famous Cheekrat Custom Cartoon Studios. I only know the studio to be famous because the certificate of authenticity on the back tells me so, and who am I to argue (although to be honest I say the licensing of the characters is questionable and the claim of the studio being "world famous" is even more dubious) with a Certificate?

All kidding aside it's actually a rather neat little item and it appealed to me on a number of levels the moment I saw it. For one, I've never owned an animation cel of any type before so there's a novelty in doing so. Second, I'm particularly fond of this piece because I find the Blues Brothers to be the quintessential "reluctant heroes" so I'm always on the lookout for some way to pay homage to them, and nothing says "respect" like an animation cel! Third, the art appeals to me... the stark black inking and simple lines of the piece match the overall style of the film. With the black frame and the white matting the cell looks very sharp in my opinion, and since it has that quirky touch of "class" that I enjoy I thought I'd hang it up on the wall in my cube. It would contrast well with my "Certificate of Appreciation" from the company for five years long service.

Once I decided to hang it up at the office I put it back in the wrapping and brought it in with me. When I decided it was time to hang it up yesterday I realized I had neglected to bring the necessary hardware with me to do so, namely I had forgotten my hammer and a picture nail. I resolved that I would bring them in today and get the picture up on the wall.

Guess what I forgot again this morning?

The ironic part here is that I woke up about twenty minutes before my alarm went off. I wandered around the apartment and tried to figure out what to do with myself since I was awake and there was no sense in trying to go back to sleep just for fifteen minutes. Once I was dressed and fed I decided that lingering about the apartment wasn't going to accomplish anything so I just got in the truck and drove in to work. I managed to arrive 30 minutes earlier than usual today because the traffic was good, but I had once more forgotten my hammer and the nails. Somehow this figures... when I'm running behind and am in a total rush to get somewhere I remember every detail with crystal clarity, which usually results in me falling even further behind schedule because I have to rectify the problem. This means I stop whatever I'm doing, turn around and run back into the apartment to make sure I grab that letter... or DVD... or whatever. Today I was completely relaxed, I wasn't in a rush of any kind. I left early! So, naturally, I forgot the small details.

My brain works in a mighty strange fashion sometimes.

Going to ride my llama

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