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Minnesotan arrivals...

I received an e-mail around 2pm stating that my parents had made it back to the farm in pretty good time. Dad got something like 18.5 miles per gallon on the drive back with my old 150, which to me is a testament of just how well-built that truck really was. It was a 1992 with over 178,000 miles and it could still get mileage like that? Ford had to have done something right. Yeah, the body was starting to rust, but hey... this is the North, and Rust Happens here.

On a positive note, I got a lot of compliments on the Expedition today when people saw it in the parking lot at work. That's always something to make me feel good. A couple people have already asked me when I'm going to start driving the crew to lunch. I'm certainly offering at this stage, we can fit six people in there without a problem (as opposed to the 150, which basically fit me and one other passenger).

I spent my time at home just relaxing and listening to music in my bedroom, occasionally pausing to flip through the owner's manual that I'd brought in with me. I took a couple of my favorite CDs and duped them over to CD-R so that I could load them in the 10-disc changer that my father installed in the truck. I suppose the RIAA will want to come after me. I guess it's a crime to make a backup of the music and then wear out the backup instead of the original (now rare and very expensive in a couple cases) albums. The rights of the consume continue to be eroded and so few people are doing anything about it. I find that simply astounding, but that's a topic for another time. As it stands right now my player is loaded with Blue Man Group, The Flaming Lips, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Collective Soul, The Crystal Method, Queens of the Stone Age and Mike Oldfield. It's a delightfully eclectic selection that only scratches the surface of what I have in my CD binder. As time progresses I'll probably jockey a few more CD-Rs in and out of the rotation until I get a good mix set up for listening to while I'm driving.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully be able to plow through my remaining help desk tickets at the office. Once those are extinguished I can move on to the more pressing paperwork. I have a great deal of paperwork that's due before the end of September, and on top of that I need to have my self-appraisal done for my November. My supervisor DR wants the appraisal on his desk by early September, so you can see I have some serious deadlines to compete with. Today did have one interesting twist, though... I got some good news on the job front from DR, which I'll try to write about tomorrow. Naturally it's not a simple situation to explain and I don't want to jinx anything by writing about it too much.

There's just one thing that looks good on me

. o O o .

Posted today at 0608 8/28 instead of 2200 on 8/27 because LiveJournal's servers were screwed up last night.

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