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For all those such as shaddragon...

... who are attending this year's Dragon*Con, I hope you folks enjoy yourselves and have a little fun for me. My brain is just not wired to do well in a convention with that many attendees so... yeah, it's better you guys than me. Have a good time!

My plans for the weekend are pretty simple. Saturday afternoon I'm hitching a ride with roho and enveri in Kes's car. We're gonna drive up to Madison where we plan to meet up with hightensile and kristenq. Madison is not terribly far away and since we haven't seen Kit or Kat in quite a few months (almost six months at this point, I think!) it seems like a good way to kill part of the weekend -- I mean, what better way is there to relax? Add one part good food, one part good booze, one part good company... toss in blender and hit "frappe." The rest will undoubtedly work itself out on its own.

I'm also working to get things laid out so that miang and her boyfriend can join us for dinner. At this point our plan calls for Roho, Kes and I to crash at a hotel not far from Kristen's apartment, which is fine by me. It can be pretty stressful having three people crashing in your apartment even for one night, and having three people crashing in Kristen's apartment space is damn near impossible to achieve due to the overabundance of humanity that is already congregated there. Things get a little fuzzier with regards to Sunday... I think we'll drive back to Illinois sometime in the evening. I know that all three of us will want to use our Monday off to recover.

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