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Well, it's bedtime for me...

To make the long story short we got all my possessions removed from the old truck and thrown into the back of the new one. Got some pictures taken of me with my father and the truck, which I will post sometime later this week once I've had a chance to pull them down off the flash card. We took a little tour around the area (mostly driving through Long Grove to show them the shops), then went down to the office so I could show my parents the corporate data center. We got back to the apartment in time to meet up with Kestral and Roho as they returned from work, shooting the breeze for 45 minutes or so in the living room before we piled into the Expedition and drove up to BD's for dinner.

For managers tonight we had Howard as well as Chris, and both Obie and Scott were working the grill. Howard continued the restaurant's trend of "surprise and delight the customer" by presenting my parents with a set of coffee mugs with the BD's logo emblazoned upon them. While Howard is definitely our hookup for free BD's swag it's always cool when he does something like this "just because." I know my parents were surprised and really pleased by the gesture. It's a little thing, but the little things can often be what count the most. I look at it this way, it gives my parents something to remember the trip by. Souvenirs are good because they provide something tangible (besides photographs) to "anchor" memories to.

We all were very full when we got home and spent some time digesting in silence, just sitting around and having quiet conversation. For part of the night my father and I sat out on the porch to smoke some cigars while we worked out the best route for them to take tomorrow morning on the trip back to Minnesota. I'm sorry to see them leaving already because I feel like I didn't spend nearly enough time with them. I see them so rarely that it's hard for me not to feel like I'm a pretty lousy kid. I know for certain that I didn't get to do everything I wanted to do with them -- I mean it would have been really cool it go see Blue Man Group, or take them to the aquarium, or any of a few dozen other things we could have done. Still, despite what feels like a premature exit to me I imagine it's well timed. No doubt Kes and Roho will be glad to have our floor space back.

So the for tomorrow is for me to get up and get dressed for work. On my way out I shall turn on the coffee maker (which we have prepped ahead of time with water, filter and grounds) and rouse both my parents so they can finish packing their gear and prepare to leave. My dad wants to make sure that they're out the door and on the road by the time the last roommate vacates for work (I'm probably going to be first out the door, unfortunately, because AC is an inflexible twink who watches the clock and gets upset if I'm even a minute late in the morning) so that the apartment can be properly locked up while nobody is home. My dad's expressed concern a number of times that we're too lax about security around this place when we have so many expensive possessions within our dwelling. I see his point yet I cannot help but think that he's overreacting a little. Regardless of the position about locking up the apartment if they do leave that early (before 8:00 am) they'll be back in Minnesota well before 4:00 PM no matter how dodgy traffic is on I-90 due to construction.

All in all it's been a good couple of days, and I'm happy that it has gone this smoothly. I hope my parents have enjoyed the trip as well.

I need to think of a suitable way to show them my gratitude. Maybe a gift certificate to Red Lobster is in order....

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