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Short update

Parents arrived safely around 1632 hours. Apparently they would have been here sooner but traffic on I-90 was apparently quite screwed up once it crossed the Illinois border. It sounds like road construction is to blame, as they feared.

The new truck is really incredible. I will detail it with pictures at some other time, but I'm really impressed with it thus far.

Dinner was had at the Continental restaurant, which both my parents seemed to enjoy. We spent a lot of time out on the porch just talking after we got back from dinner, probably more than two hours all told. They seem to like both Roho and Kestral, although they haven't had a chance to interact with them much. They also seem to like my neighborhood, which is nice... I like it here too. Maybe I should consider buying a town home here instead of wandering elsewhere for a house in another six months....

Tomorrow we'll transfer paperwork for the pickups, and I'll move my belongings from the F-150 into the Expedition. After that's done we aren't sure what our plans are... things are sort of up in the air at the moment with regards to the day's major activities once the Ritual Of The Keys is completed. We might go in to Chicago to see a couple of the sights (museum, possibly the Sears Tower) or we might drop by my office so that I can show them where I work. I don't imagine that there's anything my dad particularly wants to do, he's not very good with the tourist things and tends to get sort of bored. He shares my lament that Blue Man Group has no Monday or Tuesday night performances because he thinks the show would be awesome to see -- he's right -- in person. Ah well, maybe next time.

I do have dinner planned ahead of time, we will be going up to BD's so that we can enjoy tasty stir fry. Dad and I will likely try to out-spice one another, which should have some amusing consequences for the both of us if we're not careful. I look forward to it!

But now I need to sleep, because for whatever reason I am completely wiped out.

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