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A good end to the day...

roho, enveri and I did the weekly trip to BD's Mongolian Barbeque as is usual for us on a Sunday. Sara served us and Bill was one of the grillers. Sara gave me some flack as she was upset that I never returned her call from 7/22... damn you, T-mobile! I never knew she called! I feel really bad for not getting back to her now, but we do have an invitation to her place for a "housewarming," as well as cheap tickets to the circus on 9/15.

After the circus we stopped by the slightly-less-ghetto Sam's Club to do some shopping. There were no bottles of Bombay Sapphire Blue gin there, but they did have Rtiz crackers, beef jerky sticks and some boxer shorts. I walked out with two packages of the jerky sticks as well as a three-pack of boxers, Kestral left with a CD and Roho had the Ritz crackers. I was surprised and intrigued to see that they had a 70 lbs. "heavy bag" there for a reasonable price, so I think once my parents leave to return home I will stop by and pick one up. We may not have room for it right now, but I can always put it in storage.

Speaking of my parents, they're due to arrive in about 20 hours or so. I hope that their trip is a safe one and uneventful. When they arrive I'll be treating for dinner at the Continental. I know Roho and Kestral can't wait to meet them, and I suspect everyone will hit it off. My dad has directions here and aside from some of the construction on I-90 I think things should be pretty straight forward.

Most of my afternoon was spent cleaning the apartment or my pickup. On the way back from BD's we stopped at AutoZone so I could get some Ozium. I planned to use this to neutralize the stench of my pickup after I cleaned it out. All the bottles are gone, having been sent to the recycling bin. Now I just need to move the various maps and tools over to the new truck, something I think I'll do tomorrow night or maybe on Tuesday. I also vacuumed the living room floor while Roho took care of the hallway to the master bedroom. Since Kes is home tomorrow I expect she'll tackle the kitchen. Amusingly enough my bedroom is almost respectable now that I've done a load of laundry and changed Ra's litter box out.

To close the evening we made a couple of gin & tonics, and watched two episodes of Babylon 5: Season 3. Tonight's selections were "A Day In The Strife" and "Passing THrough Gethsemane." `Passing` generated some interesting discussion afterwards, when we gathered on the porch. The discussion focused primarily on religion and the nature of "God," something that was raised by the episode. When we were done having our deep philosophical discussion we returned to the livingroom and watched two episodes of "The Family Guy" while we consumed a few bottles of water and various Atkins-friendly snacks to ward off any hangovers. I may only have to work a half-day tomorrow but that doesn't mean I'm going to look forward to prying myself out of bed at 5:50 in the morning.

Oh, since I'm thinking about it at the moment I'd like to extend a warm welcome to tarinfirepelt, who just joined the LiveJournal community today thanks to gen. Thank you for corrupting another of my friends, Gen, and happy birthday to you, Tarin! I'm sure shiver101 and I will concoct a suitable birthday gift for you. If we can't, well, I hope my fondest wishes will do for the time being.

Make me an offer that I can't refuse

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