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I want to unhear this noise.

According to my pager's repeated frantic beepings (which have been spread out over the last 30 minutes or so) our Pomona, California campus is flapping more than a humming bird hopped up on crack.

This abuse of my hearing has been going on all week thanks to the "Blaster" worm and it's half-brother "Nachi.". The traffic rates at a campus soar skyward and the network management system loses contact with the firewall so I get paged, then the traffic dies down enough that contact is re-established and I get paged again. I'm honestly dreading the next time the phone beeps at me because I may very well try to drown it in my fish tank out of simple frustration. Of course, like so many other things in this world if I were to do what I think I might I would be presented with a trade-off: On one hand the phone would be silent because it would be waterlogged and dead -- I would be honestly surprised if it ever turned on again. On the other hand if I were to do that I would be left with the problem of how to explain away my cell phone's unexpected bath to the various managers at the office.

I wonder if I could claim that Ra knocked it in by accident. You wouldn't mind taking the fall for me on this would you, kitty cat?

Nothing makes a sound in the night like the wind does

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