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Well, another 8 hours of meeting...

... and all I've managed to accomplish is to reveal another layer of my coworker's incompetence. You see, according to one of the guys I work with a member of our Internet cluster of firewalls "is infected with the Blaster worm." I found this an amazing feat, since our firewalls all run a hardened version of BSD UNIX, which isn't exactly known for being susceptible to Windows worms and virii.

Please remind me why I don't hold the Senior Engineer title again?

I got out of the office around 6:15, dropped Poodge off at his apartment since his car is still quite broken, and then drove back to the apartment. Kestral was home already and Roho wasn't far behind. We decided to do dinner at the Continental again, and lord was the place hopping! Our waitress was quite frazzled before the evening was through, having mixed up my order as well as Kestral's (chopped steak instead of skirt steaks). The issue was remedied as quickly as possible given the load on the kitchen, but none of us were in a hurry. Just like our dinner there earlier this week I got a phone call and had to step outside to walk the helpdesk through another problem. Unlike last time I didn't have to miss half the evening's meal to do so.

I noticed I'm the only person who leaves the restaurant when taking a phone call on the cell. I'm not sure why that is. If nobody else is showing the courtesy, why should I? Oh well, it's probably one of those habits I'll never break myself of, sort of like taking off my shoes in the doorway when I'm asked into somebody's house or how I announce "calls of nature" before slipping off to the bathroom.

I'm on call this week, which means my cell phone is getting bombarded with messages that I have to sift and acknowledge. Most of them are false positives because of this worm that's running around the campuses still, but I have to check it all out to make sure that things are still running as expected. Because of this I missed a call to kristenq that I'd planned to make tonight, so I'll have to find some way to make that up to her.

Tomorrow I'll be getting up at my usual time and tending to chores. I need to mail out a check to frostyw to cover my share of expenses, then hit Sam's Club for the usual weekly grocery run. I also need to get Ra more cat food, and start cleaning out my pickup truck. I'd like to get this all done before the end of the day so that Sunday can be spent tidying my room and helping around the apartment. I don't need things to be spotless for the arrival of my parents on Monday, but I'd like them to be a little better -- at least where my bedroom is concerned. Of course, this all depends upon me getting enough sleep tonight, and if the pager keeps going off like this I suspect my time line will slip some.

Keep moving

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