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May I have your attention.

May I have your attention, please.

  • The yellow zone is for the loading and unloading of passengers only.
  • There is no parking in the red zone.
  • People who didn't patch their Windows PCs against the Blaster worm by downloading the frigging patchafter last week's little debacle should be frigging euthanized.

    If you people had done what you were supposed to in the first place we wouldn't have had a problem last week because there wouldn't have been anything for the worm to exploit. If you had taken a lesson friom the beating your PC received at the hands of this worm, and actually done what our memo said to do last week we wouldn't be playing this game this week where I have to run around and write yet more ACLs and unplug PCs from the network because they were flooding the segment to death with ICMP and RPC packets. This especially goes out to the wonderfully incompetent campus staff members who didn't do their job last week and just assumed that the patches would magically apply themselves, as well as the incompetent users here in the corporate office. You people work in a institution of higher learning with a focus on technology, don't you think it reflects badly on you that you can't even master rudimentary security?

    That is all.

    Thank you.
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