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T minus 14 and counting...

Yep, folks... I'm going out of town. I'm driving down with Jen and Roho, and I'm going to hopefully see some friends while I'm out there, and it's going to be a goddamn vacation even if I have to kill somebody to have fun. It was so incredibly gratifying to turn off my cell phone when I left the office today. Even more fun was slashing "ON VACATION" across my cubicle white board in blood-red marker, setting my voice mail to take all calls, and making the voicemail message "I'm out of the office on vacation, sorry... try the helpdesk, maybe they can do something for you." That was probably the best feeling in the world. Yeah, I'll be coming back to the insane asylum in less than a week, but I don't care, it's well worth it because I won't have to deal with the stupidity for at least four days. FOUR WHOLE DAYS. Dig on it!

Can you tell I'm excited? Yes? Well, good.

Okay, so I'm going to be a geek. My personal cell phone (the number to which work has but doesn't realize it, so nyah-hah) is coming with, as is my Mind, which is what I've affectionately dubbed my Handspring Visor Prism. For just-in-case, I'll be bringing my laptop from work along, as well as the corresponding cables and adapters. One can't be too prepared when you're in the geek business.

On other notes... I got the Camaro back from the mechanic on Saturday. That was a surprisingly pleasant experience. After waking up my roommate, we drove over to the shop. I went in, signed papers and talked to the owner for a few minutes. He brought me up to speed on how the car was running and what issues still remained with it (The transmission is still acting wonky on speed shifts, and the front brakes are toasted -- something I knew already). He seemed happy just to get it off his lot so he could get another customer in there. I can't blame him, I think it was at his location for something along five weeks? Somewhere in that general timeframe, any ways. It was nuts. After picking up my keys I walked out through the shop, dropped into the car, and turned the key. How sweet that 5.7L engine sounds when she fires up... I've forgotten how nice it is to have that car in running shape. The drive home was uneventful, except it had begun to rain so my traction was something approaching nonexistent, however I was able to keep it under control and no cops decided they were interested in me... which I was most certainly grateful for. Maybe now I can go get the car license renewed because I'll finally be able to go pass the state-required emissions testing (which is a total and complete crock of shit any ways). So now I'll have it back and legal -- but I cannot afford to insure it. This leaves me with the options of either 1)Finishing repairs and enhancements to the vehicle, and then selling it for an amount that will hopefully break even with my bank loan or 2)Keeping the car and modding the living hell out of it so that it's really only fit for the 1/4 tack. While option One is a fine and sensible thing (although I'm not insuring it anymore, so I'm "saving" money in that sense... until you realize that my pickup's insurance is now costing me the same as the Z28 + the pickup used to) I have to admit that I find option Two highly appealing, because, well, I'm a man and men like to make their fast cars go faster, and then prove their penis extensions will outrace somebody else's penis extension. It's a sickness, ladies, don't bother trying to understand. ;)

Any ways... it's 2305, and I really should get to bed. I've got to finish packing in the morning, and then wait for Roho to show up so we can decide which car we're taking and head for Memphis. Maybe I'll get a chance to update LJ from there, maybe not. We'll see. Either way, expect my bitter ranting to return in full force a week from today.

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