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Thursday night.

I didn't post an entry last night because it was far too late and I was far too inebriated to do more than strip off my clothes and fall into bed when we finally got home. I'm probably lucky I found my bed, when I think about it.

Tonight I'm just as tired and again I'm digesting a heavy meal, although this time it's the steak and eggs with bacon that I had for lunch courtesy of my coworkers (since they wanted to treat me to something nice to celebrate my birthday and couldn't do so yesterday).

Right now I have two sticks of vanilla incense burning and random selections from the MP3 collection playing. I talked with my dad for about fifteen minutes and am now left contemplating bed. I got to sleep far too late last night and had to get up far too early this morning to have the right amount of rest for my regular day. I spent all of today at the office in high gear trying to handle a number of high-priority issues and thus am in an energy deficit. So yes, in short I'm wiped out and don't feel up to the task of summarizing yesterday in today's post. Yesterday was a good day and deserves to be detailed in an entry, and I want to... but not tonight.

I will do it tomorrow, I promise. If I don't, you can ... I don't know, have me buy you dinner.

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