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Aural love.

My packages from Amazon showed up today, a full week ahead of what they claimed I could expect because I was so unbelievably cheap as to choose the Super Saver Shipping option. I got notice on Saturday, the 9th, that my packages had shipped, and they arrived today. If I remember correctly the Amazon warehouse is located in Lexington, Kentucky... so that means it took 3 days to get to me if you count Sunday.

Three days on "super saver shipping," which is free? Sign me up. The longest part of the wait was for Amazon to gather all my goods up and put them in the box!

As soon as I got both boxes unpacked I set about unwrapping the newest additions to my collection so that I could rip them to MP3 and store them safely away on my HD. Just as I finished unwrapping my last CD (Blue Man Group's "The Complex," which I am listening to right now) I received an e-mail from UPS informing me that my shipment from the good folks at North American DVD had been accepted. UPS estimates that I'll have my box from them on Thursday, the 14th. This means that I'll have Bablyon Five: The Complete Third Season in my hands about 48 hours after it's released. When you think about it in a way I'm ahead of the curve -- the shipment went out today, which means it's technically my property 24 hours before it's released.

I like roho's suggestion that we need to have designated Babylon nights in the apartment twice a week, so we can all sit down, share our company and enjoy the awesomeness that is the third season of Babylon 5.

In addition to the boxed set of Babylon 5 I tossed in a couple other movies with my order from NA DVD, namely the Collector's Edition of Sneakers and the 25th Anniversary Edition of Halloween. Sneakers always was an enjoyable movie to me, although I would be hard-pressed to tell you why. I guess it's just the humor behind it, and the idea that maybe someday, if I'm lucky, I'll be having that much fun in my job and have coworkers and peers like that. I can explain Halloween without blinking: I love horror films, and much like The Exorcist Halloween helped set a new standard for the genre.
Since I just confessed my love of horror, let me mention that today I just found out there's a boxed set for The Nightmare on Elm Street series of films. I had no idea until today that such a thing existed, and I can't believe that I've lived this long without owning it. Freddy! Boxed set! Bliss! It will be mine, oh yes.

The last few hours of my day have been spent between IRC (conversations and keeping tabs on the new network's performance -- we're kicking ass and taking names at this stage) and FurryMuck while I listen to my CD's. I've gone through all of my Crystal Method discs now, and I'm having a hard time picking a favorite track from either album. "Tweekend" as a whole is definately full of the kind of trance that I enjoy, but the remixes on "Community Service" (especially 'Boom') are really cool as well. Listening to "The Complex" from Blue Man Group is an interesting experience as well -- I was a huge fan of "Audio" because it closely mirrored the actual performance. "The Complex" is more of a rock album... there's plenty of innovation here, and a lot of the signature instrumentation of the Blue Man, but ... there's lyrics. Lyrics shouldn't be in Blue Man music! My head cannot reconcile this, and right now it's threatening to explode.

Interesting note, "The Complex" includes "Exhibit 13," the tribute to the fallen of September 11th, 2001. As you may remember I linked to the video when I first discovered it. Back then I was scheming to find a way to extract the audio track so I could keep it and listen to it at a time of my choosing, but never could find a way. Now the Blue Man has saved me the effort by including it as a bonus album on this disc.

I'm trying to figure out what to do with my parents when they arrive on the 25th. I'm taking a half day off from work so I can meet them at the apartment. I suppose we could do dinner at BD's on Monday night, but I suspect the 7 hour drive will have them sort of tired so it might be something better scheduled for Tuesday. I really, really wanted to treat them as well as Roho and Kestral to Blue Man Group in downtown Chicago, but unfortunately for me they have no shows on Monday or Tuesday. I have two weeks, I'm sure I'll think of something to do on Tuesday. Roho, Kes, if you have any particular preferences on what night we do dinner, let me know, okay?

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