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Productive Sunday? Sorta.

I got up this morning rather slowly, had a quick breakfast and showered sometime around 11:00 or so in the morning. We left for BD's at around noon, looking to meet up with Roho's pseudo-relative Lori and a friend of hers. It was semi-chaotic when we arrived, apparently there was a critical lack of staff. But still we got Sara and had a good time while we were there and able to talk with Sara and Howard. I think the most exciting and worrisome moment of the entire outing was when Sara slipped on some oil and ended up tossing a whole bowl of stir-fry back on the grill as she went down. It was hard for me to stay put, I damn near leapt over the counter to help her back up and make sure she was okay because it seemed that she might have hit her arm on the grill. A giant metal surface that maintains 600 degrees F is not where you want your arm or hand to land on your way down. Fortunately she didn't hit the grill proper so wasn't burned, and landed in such a way that nothing was really hurt beyond her pride.

Oh, since Frostbite has asked in the past.... it's ten miles from the apartment to BDs as we usually drive it.

After we had consumed our share of food (mmm... lots of chicken soaked in crushed red pepper, cayenne pepper, hot sauce and marinated with lemon water) we bid farewell to Lori and her friend. I hope Lori can join us more often, she's a perfect addition to our little crew and a lot of fun to boot. The stories she can tell are astoundingly amusing.

I was dropped off at home to tend to laundry and the like while Roho and Kestral attended to some obligations of theirs. Fortunately it didn't take them too long and then they were back home again. While they were away I did a load of colors and a load of whites, and still I have more dirty laundry to deal with! Where does it all come from? More importantly, once I'm done washing it where do I put it all? My new dresser is almost full to overflowing at this point and I still have more stuff to stash. I need some under-bed storage units, or something.

Also of note, Roho and I destroyed the hornet's nest that was forming with alarming speed in the sign post outside my bedroom window. I happened to notice it a day or two ago and worried that a kid was going to come along, swing on the pole and set the whole place abuzz. So, tonight around 8:30 PM, we walked out with a can of RAID and my flashlight and nuked the little buggers back to the stone age. Yes, they have a place in the eco system and are some of God's creatures, but these bastards have a temper problem and build their nests (which they are naturally very protective off) in the most inconvenient and inconspicuous of locations, resulting in a clash every time. I suppose I wouldn't have a problem with wasps if they built their nests out of Day-Glo Orange material deep in the woods or something, but they never do. They always choose a sign post, or your exhaust pipe, or your dryer vent or something that leads to a collision of worlds.

So yeah, I nuked them with neuro-toxins until nothing moved, and I felt very good about it.

I also worked with masem, frostyw, wakkowarner, yakko and a few other folks like youngvanwinkle to migrate the WTNet IRC network off the old-and-broken version of IRCD we were using onto something a little more current (read: not 8 years old). We're now on a tasty and current version of bahamut, and everything seems to be working just dandy. The migration itself had one or two rough spots but was overall uneventful. We started at 8:00 PM CDT and officially called it complete at 9:36 PM, although from the users' perspective we were done sometime around 8:14 PM. Oh yes, we rock.

I also put in an order tonight with the Cooler Guys for a bunch of fans, a new CPU heat sink, a couple cables and some fan grills for my PC. When they arrive I'm going to rip out the old heat sink and fan, put in a ThermalRight SK7 heat sink and pair it with a Mechatronics 80 mm fan that moves 53 CFM at around 39 dBa, a trade off of noise to performance that I think is acceptable. I'm also going to replace the low-throughput "silent" fans in my case (one in the front and one in the rear) with Mechatronics fans as well. I ordered a set of 120m m ThermalTake fans that move something like 78 CFM at around 34 dBa. This is all a little noisier than I'd like, but it's a heck of a lot better than the 55 dBa that the really high-performing fans turn in. I suspect the whole shebang will still be quiet compared to what I have now, that little 60 mm fan that's on the heat sink at the moment is whirring its heart out and I'm tired of listening to it. I don't plan to stop with the heat sink and cooling fan though, oh no... I've got more in mind: I'm thinking that I'll cut a hole in the top of my case and another in the side and mount the 120 mm fans in there to help route the air currents. I should also try to find my Dremel tool so I can try to cut out the grille on the front intake fan, I know for a fact that it's far too restrictive to be of any use, and is surely destroying whatever benefit the fan there would have (be it the 27 CFM whisper-quiet one currently installed or the louder 53 CFM fan I've just ordered). Hopefully those will show up in a reasonable amount of time so that I can try to get this beast cooled off. I know the placement of the case itself is non-optimal but this is getting ridiculous -- 55 degrees C for two web browsers, Winamp and VNCViewer? It can't be getting enough intake/exhaust action if it's turning in numbers like that when it's sitting practically idle.

On a completely non-PC related note, I am this much closer to becoming The Problem since I can't be part of The Solution. I spoke with my parents today since they called me on my cell, and it sounds like we have a plan of action. Unless something unexpected happens I'll be taking delivery of the Expedition on Monday, August 25th. They'll probably hang around through Tuesday the 26 th, and leave sometime Wednesday. I'll take an occurrence on Monday and a vacation day on Tuesday, and depending upon how things go I may or may not take Wednesday off as well. So basically I have two weeks until my new truck arrives, and I'm pretty excited about it. My mom drove it and even she commented on how quiet it is. She's never been a truck person and she said liked it for the most part, so I'll be pretty happy with it myself, I think. I'm looking forward to the winter when I can hook the snowmobile trailer up to it and tow the sleds up to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota (I should see if passaddhi would be available to tag along, or if any of my friends in this area would want to go). While my parents are down here I think I'll make a point of taking them to BDs. I know that Roho and Kes want to meet my folks (probably to get an understanding of how the hell I turned out the way I did) and I think that'd be a great venue -- the food is good, the atmosphere is right and it's a comfortable place to just hang out and talk in if you're not sitting right next to the grill. I think I'll go make a reservation right now, see if I can't get us tucked somewhere in the corner and have one of our favorite wait staff assigned.

All told this was a pretty productive day. I still didn't get the letter written, so I guess I'll make that priority one for tomorrow when I get home from work. But when all is said and done I can't complain about how today went, not by a long shot.

Just another lonely broken hero

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