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Repent, for it is the second coming of SMTP!

I finally got named and Sendmail to agree that I'm just a relay for the domain, and I forced the queue to process all of Masem's mail.

557 letters are currently shoving themselves down my line to his server, and it's a real riot to watch Sendmail try to keep me up-to-date since I told it to process the queue in verbose mode. I've also got snoop running to track all the traffic on TCP port 25, and another window running with a tail on /var/log/maillog, where I have all my mail.* syslog entries going to. It's a riot to watch them scroll as if there's no tomorrow.

Hmm, been running for about three minutes now and we're only up to sequence 221 of the 557 in the queue. I bet panther will be glad to have these out of the spool.

Now that I've fixed this problem I can go meet with Roho and Kes and try to make dinner plans for tonight. It sounds like we're thinking of hitting BDs, but I'm not entirely sure yet.

. o O o .

Addendum: It's official, the queue ran from 17:39 to 17:53, a full 14 minutes to clean itself out.

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