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And like a flash...

I received inspiration for how I might direct some of my nervous energy before I went to bed tonight. Earlier this afternoon I had gotten a huge .ZIP file from Doug via e-mail, said archive containing all of his pictures from the wedding last weekend. I had promised him space on my server to display and organize these photographs, and I of course am one to carry through on my promises. Since I wasn't feeling sleepy and I wanted to do something this seemed like the logical time to tackle the problem at hand. So what if it's 10:45 PM?!

After a few minutes of tinkering and swearing I got the latest version of Gallery working under Doug's account. Once I had the configuration saved and the software resecured I did a bulk import of the photographs he took, praising the software authors for having the smarts to allow me to import files directly from a .ZIP archive.

So, now that it's all said and done you can see Doug's photographic record of the weekend's events at:



. o O o .

Addendum 2258 CDT: Holy crap, there's seventeen pages of pictures.

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