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Made it home safely for those keeping track...

I made it home and into my own bed sometime around 8:40 AM yesterday. I slept until almost 1 PM, although it was a rather interrupted sleep. After I got up and staggered around the apartment for a while we went out to BD's for lunch, returning to the apartment around 4:30 PM. One bowl of stir-fry was more than enough to leave me feeling over-full and sated.

When we got home I slept on and off for another few hours, mostly between bouts of productivity where I slowly unpacked my bags. As the hours went by I kept feeling worse, so around 11:00 PM I took a sleeping pill that kept me pretty well knocked down and laid down again. I woke up this morning before my alarm went off, which was sort of nice because it tells me I haven't completely broken my biological clock. However I was feeling sick to my stomach so I called into the office and told them I won't be coming in today. I rolled back over in bed and got another 3 hours of broken sleep before I woke up and couldn't get my eyes to stay closed anymore.

Ra has been fed and I've choked down a breakfast bar in a bid to keep my body nourished. Since I'm home today I might as well take advantage of it (despite the fact that I am sick) to finish unpacking and do more laundry. I'll probably write up a brief summary of the wedding weekend later this evening if my wrists don't feel too wretched.

Looking over my friends list for the last few days is sort of neat. So many people I knew were there for the wedding and some of them have already started posting their memories about the big event. I like seeing the different perspectives people had on the whole thing, and since a number of them were in different places than I throughout the night I get an idea of the other things that went on. Another thing that really excites me is the pictures; I just can't wait to see them all. masem has posted a few of the pictures he took on the big night here. I'm even featured prominently in one of them.

On a completely random note, I've gotten a chance to read my entries in full now from Thursday night and Friday morning. I was a journaling fool, and I do believe that what I said to some of the folks in the wedding party holds true: you really can see as my psyche slowly erodes bit by bit. I blame the looping tape at the Budget lot for most of that.

It must be love

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