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Yeah, it was Monday.

I come in to work to find:

--More trouble tickets in my queue (quantity three right off the bat)
More e-mails from the helpdesk system scolding me for not closing tickets in my queue (quantity twenty)
-That my boss has completely ignored my request for a new satchel for my laptop, so I continue to lug one around that is going to explode from the amount of material in it
-A $22,000 ISDN bill (2.5 inches thick, 650 pages long) from one campus that I have to explain... and can't
-That I've been left out of a security-related meeting
-That I've been put in a meeting I don't care about (tape backups)
-That the truck is still leaking coolant from some location I cannot fathom
-That some twit at one of our campuses has gotten my cell phone number and is always calling me directly on it, thus bypassing my desk line... because he's "getting pressure" to finish his project. God, I'd kill to just get one project to work on instead of twenty-eight.
-The another twit has a hard time with the concept of routing and opens a ticket for it, thus wasting more of my time
-That try as I might I just cannot do as an amoeba does and split myself into TWO people to get the work done faster
-That the dry-erase marker that dripped on my clothes is in fact NOT going to wash out
-My throat is sore from smoking so goddamn much on Saturday and Sunday
-That the cell-phone abusing tech is making me do tech support for Windows 2k -- I'm a goddamn Network engineer, not a Windows Monkey
-That for some odd reason, people think I look like "The Tall Man" from Phantasm when I wear my shades as well as my trench coat and stand in the corners of the hallway
-A coworker was verbally warned for daring to write an e-mail criticizing a manager -- something I do all the time and get away with somehow... I perhaps should take this as a warning

And much more that I don't think is worth recounting here (and can't recall clearly enough to rant about any ways).

I ended up staying forty minutes after work to handle the cell-phone abusing tech's calls. I'd come in forty minutes early to get things done, which was absorbed by an impromptu status meeting.. so I was 1.33 hours extra on the clock without getting a single worthwhile thing done. I think I may travel to the campus and beat cell-man to death with his own esophagus. Have I mentioned how glad I am I'm not taking that phone with me on this mini-vacation to Memphis? Yes. Electronic gizmos shall be in tow but not that damned electronic leash by Nokia. The company can survive without me just fine, and I deserve the right to throw the damnable phone in the river.

On the way home I made an appointment for tomorrow to get my hair cut, which is a Good Thing. Then I ate dinner and called my father to place an order for a new boom-stick with him. I'll see if he can procure it for me by Christmas. It'd be a nice gift to come home to, aside from a warm bed and seeing my grandfather again after I-don't-know-how-many years.

Tomorrow is the regularly-scheduled staff meeting which will waste over an hour of my time. I also have three other meetings I have to attend, and more trouble shooting to do with the Toronto campus. The fun just never stops at Chez Jason, I guess. As tempting as it is to call in tomorrow, I better not, because otherwise they'll be in a complete frenzy on Wednesday, and then I'll never hear the end of it or make it out the door one time.

The ultimate result of this day... nay, this entire day and weekend, is that I'm tired and I want to be left alone. I am irritable, prone to harsh judgment towards others (moreso than usual, anyways), quick to lash out and I want to be antisocial. I have a need to indulge in my desire to go hole up in my nice dark bedroom, curl up in bed, listen to Neil Young for the next few days, and avoid having to talk to anybody on the phone or answer anybody's e-mails. For some reason it's the phone that's getting me the most riled up. It's intrusive and annoying. E-mails I can read on my time, at my leisure, when I desire to. The phone, on the other hand, rings whenever some other party desires to get ahold of me. Annoyingly, when people want to get ahold of me is most often the time I want to just be left alone (I mean, I have a phone on my desk that rings all day, and when I get home I get treated to more of the same? No goddamn thanks). It's irony, I guess. I get this way when I'm upset; I turn into a hermit and try to slip off to go nurse my wounds and create a new plan of attack for life. I feel this is one funk that I think is going to be sticking with me for a while. Sadly, I just can't do all the hiding I desire right now as there are too many things I have to get done before Thursday's departure... which will undoubtedly put me in a fine mood to deal with people the rest of the week. I'll have to watch my tongue extra close because as the stress builds I'm surely going to feel the need to unleash it on somebody, and in this state that is a bad idea. The little guy who acts as the censor in my head has gone on vacation, it seems, and I'm just calling the shots left and right with nobody upstairs to throw the switch and shut things down before the overload gets too bad.

Bah. Once again I'm not making sense. I'm going to go lay down and listen to some music before I go to bed.

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