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Arrived alive!

Our jet finally showed up around 1920, and they made quick work of unloading the passengers and getting restocked. The boarding process was pretty rapid and we pushed back from the gaye at 1954. By 2004 Central we were taking off.

We landed at Philadelphia International at 2232 Eastern. It took us about 8 minutes to taxi to our gate but we made pretty good time. Interestingly enough American has a policy that allows you to turn on your cellphones as soon as you've landed and started taxing, which is how I am writing this update in almost real-time.

I'm in row 27, the very back row of the plane. Its a good thing I am not in a hurry to get off the plane because this flight was booxed solid, and everyone wants to get off before I do. They just announced that I can pick up my checked luggage from carosel 3. I'm currently debating if I should get my luggage and then find my rental counter or if I should go there and get my keys first before trying to hunt down my baggage. The problem with having professional-grade luggage (Samsonite) is that it looks like the luggage that everyone else has, so I probably should go to the baggage claim first and make sure that nobody walks away with my clothing.....

Once I get those affairs in order I need to see if Doug's flight is going to arrive sometime this century, or what. The last time I spoke to him the outlook sounded pretty bleak. Good thing for him I'm a patient man, or he'd be out a ride, and nothing sucks more than being marooned in an airport. Well, maybe Electrolux sucks more, but i've never owned one so I can't say for certain.

Leaving, on a jet plane

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