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update from the sidekick at terminal L4

So in taking 294 from the apartment to O'hare I thought I was being smart. Unfortunately I chose... Poorly. Fourty-five minutes to go 13 miles! That's a "Hulk Smash" situation if every there was one.

At 4:30 as I was sitting in line at the 294 on-ramp I got a phone call from my dad. I was a bit surprised at this, but I figured it was something important if he was calling me on the day of my flight. Sure enough when I asked him what was up he gave me some rather important news: my Expedition has passed a number of important milestones: it starts, runs fine and has been driven. My dad was immensely smug about it, and well he should be since he did almost all of the work himself! He says the engine purrs like a kitten, that the linkage on the transmission is perfect and that at 55 mph the overdrive has the engine turning in a whopping 1,500 RPM. That's really respectable for a V8 with a 4 speed automatic. Maybe my fears about this thing getting three gallons per mile are a little overexaggerated....

I got a phone call from Doug, one of the other groomsmen, whom I am meeting at PHL. His connecting flight from Atlanta is suffering weather delays, so he is going to be arriving at least one hour late, possibly even later. The way things look now we won't be rolling in to New Jersey until 1:30 AM at the earliest.

I have a couple of my Atkins bars with me, and I expect I'll be gnawing on them and reading "The Journey Of Self-Discovery" while waiting for Doug to show up at the Budget counter. I am really glad right now that I brought a book with.

More as I am able....

I'm a lot like you

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