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Getting really exciting now...

Well, it's about one hour and twenty minutes until I jump in my pickup and make my way to the O'hare Airport. I've gotten my bag packed with the various essentials such as socks, shirts, slacks, boxer shorts, jeans, t-shirts and the like. I went over to CVS this morning and picked up some deoderant, a card and some wrapping paper. While I was doing my laundry and waiting for it to dry I wrapped up my gift for captain18 and cursed my inability to find something suitable for spoothbrush, so I guess they'll just have to accept my romise to get them something from the registry once they're back from their honeymoon.

I also stopped over at the Fruitful Yield to pick up a few essentials for my trip, namely a couple of Advantage bars for snacking on during the flight and over the weekend, and a box of Morning Start bars so that I don't succumb to the temptation of breakfast buffets while I'm at the hotel (or at a restaurant, or whatever we plan to do for breakfast).

While I was writing this entry daf666 called me looking for the number to frostyw's cell phone. It seems Daf's flight doesn't suck nearly as bad as mine and he arrived in Philadelphia almost an hour early. How do I get that lucky with my flights, I wonder?

Speaking of flights, some of you may or may not be interested to see if mine are on time, late or whatever. So if you do care I'm including the information here:

I am flying on American Airlines. My flight from Chicago to Philadelphia is flight number 730, which departs ORD at 7:36 PM (Central) and is scheduled to arrive at PHL at 10:41 PM (Eastern). My return flight on Sunday is number 1613, which departs PHL at 6:30 AM (Eastern) and arrives at ORD at 7:31 AM (Central).

While I've been packing, doing laundry and wrapping the gift I dropped in one of my recent DVD acquisitions, "12 Monkeys." I had no idea this was a Terry Gilliam film, but after watching 20 minutes or so of the flick I'm sure that I would have figured it out on my own if it hadn't been so prominently featured in the credits. Let's face it -- lots of TV screens, ducting and magnifying lenses. A lot of the sets are very bleak and feature peeling paint and dingy colors -- very much like "Brazil," in my mind. Even more amusing to me is that Brad Pitt co-stars in this film alongside the heavy-hitting Bruce Willis. If I remember right "12 Monkeys" was released in 1995 or 1996, well before "Fight Club," which gave us another Brad Pitt character: Tyler Durden.

I challenge anybody to watch Fight Club, then to watch 12 Monkeys and tell me that 12 Monkeys wasn't the birth of that Tyler role. In fact I triple-dog dare you.

Almost time to go now, all I need to do is locate my GPS and I'll be ready to roll.

Can you feel it getting down to the wire?

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