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No real update today...

My wrists have been paining me a great deal the last two days. I'm compensating with an increase in my intake of Aleve, which is to say I'm upping my Naproxen intake. Naproxen is a wonderful anti-inflammatory and helps to some small extent. I guess I should go back to my general practitioner and get a referral to an orthopedic surgeon to see what they can do about cutting my wrists open and fixing things up, but man... that's just evil, evil, evil. I have no desire to let somebody cut my wrists open. What if they make a mistake? I'll be positively screwed because I depend on my ability to type to make my living. It's hard to enter Cisco configurations by repeatedly bashing your head upon the keyboard.

It's amusing to watch (because, as Homer Simpson once said, It's funny because it's not me!) but it's hard to be productive.

I came home this afternoon to find that Ra had been sick while I was away, and used clothes from my closet (dirty already, thankfully) to cover up the small pile of sick he left on the carpet. I'm not surprised that he was sick, he positively inhaled his food this morning after I fed him.

AC is gone from the office tomorrow which is a definite bonus. The downside to balance out this little bit of good news is that I'm working the swing shift. My boss has the late shift this week, but he has to drive out to Indianapolis and nobody else will cover for him. It does give me the opportunity to run some errands in the morning, though -- I need to get a haircut and stop by CVS for some supplies.

Last night I was in the mood for random violence so I unwrapped my copy of The Prophecy. I had forgotten just how commanding a performance Christopher Walken provides in this film, and I was really surprised by the sound track. I'll have to remember to try and pick up some more of that fellows work.

I've also recently succumbed to the siren's call that is Netflix. I'll activate my subscription on Sunday when I get home from New Jersey, and see what sort of films they've got. I have a 14 day free trial -- does anybody have any suggestions?

While I was reorganizing my furniture I found a receipt from the post office, dated 7/12/03. This is from the shipment I made the same day roho accompanied me to ship the gift for Genesis that he, enveri and I had picked up on a whim. I'm looking at the destination on my receipt and wondering... I purchased Global Express Mail shipping for my package, which means it should have arrived on the other continent by 7/19. I find myself wondering if it ever made its way to its destination or if it's still in transit. I guess I will just have to bide my time. If it ever arrives, and it arrives safely, I'm sure I'll be told sooner or later. But still, I can't help but wonder.

I'm going to go to bed shortly, but I thought I'd share something that yotogi just shared with me online....

Yotogi finds solid proof that Bruce Campbell really IS a god.
Yotogi says, "Bruce is hit by an EXPLORER. Bruce suffers minor injuries, no hospital stay. Asshat drunk driver STRIKES THE WINDSHIELD and is in critical condition. http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&&&u=/ap/20030728/ap_en_mo/people_bruce_campbell_1"
Yotogi aahahahahs. "Hail to the king, baby."

Hail to the king indeed. Here's to a speedy recovery and a fruitful lawsuit, Bruce.

We will prevail and perform our function

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