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Procrastination.... 1. Feren... 0.5

So I got up this morning, procrastinated until noon and went to lunch with roho and enveri at our usual hangout for weekend lunch, BD's Mongolian. I decided I'd go in full gear this week for the meal, and dressed accordingly. When all was said and done I was decked out in one of the new pairs of black jeans I bought a week or two ago my BD's "We Do It On A Grill" shirt that was a gift from the old general manager. I also broke out my bandana, a souvenir from last Saturday's Bachelor Party outing with daf666, captain18, frostyw, Roho, Kestral and myself. When we arrived we were seated in Katie's area, and pleased to see that Bill was working. Scooter was on the grill with the on-duty manager (Steve L.) lending a hand. We ordered our drinks (she remembered that we like Diet Cokes but couldn't recall for certain if we wanted them with lemon slices or lime slices, so she had to ask. We will have her trained soon, oh yes. I told her that Summers has gotten to the point that he'll actually go and get our drinks for us as soon as he sees us walk in the door, regardless if we sit in his section or not. It's good to be loved Regulars) and made our way to the buffet. When I arrived with my first bowl (consisting almost entirely of thin-sliced sirloin, crushed red pepper and cayenne pepper doused liberally with Frank's Hot Sauce) Steve looked up from the bowl he was grilling and said, "Hey, if you want to dress like that you need to get back here and grill it yourself." Scooter asked me if I was trying for an employee discount and I got a good giggle out of it. One of these day's I'll remember to pester Chris or Howard for the waiver forms so that I can go back and grill. Or maybe I should just take the bloody job. I keep talking about it...

Once we'd eaten our fill of stir-fry we rolled our way out the door, stopping at the hostess station to talk for a few minutes with Steve about the movies we'd seen. Steve strongly recommended that we see the new "Spy Kids 3-D," saying that a good hour of the film is done entirely in three-dimensions and that it makes up for any silliness the film might have. We passed on our thoughts about "Terminator 3," and unanimously agreed that "Pirates of the Caribbean" was a must-see. After we got on the road I realized that I'd forgotten to bring along the USB headphones I erroneously purchased from Best Buy at an outrageous cost. I want to return them and get a refund since I found a much cheaper pair at CompUSA the same time I bought my new UPS. So, after cursing myself soundly for that mistake we drove past the Best Buy and made our way to Sam's Club. While I was there I picked up three new DVDs ("The Day The Earth Stood Still," a science-fiction classic, as well as "12 Monkeys" and John Carpenter's 1984 suspense thriller "The Thing." I'm such an addict), a beautiful repligraph of a black panther (who knew that Sam's Club sold quality art pre-framed? I also picked up some Atkins-friendly candybars from the good folks at CarboLite, some vanilla Atkins shakes in the pre-mixed cans to keep my stock fresh, some water and some more sharp cheddar cheese. I was also incredibly pleased when Roho spotted the return of the Old Wisconsin Deli Bites. These things are awesome for those who are on a lowcarb or lowcalorie diet, or just for people who are "on the go" and don't have time to pack expensive or extravagant lunches. We picked up three bags of those since I have a tendancy to burn through them in very short order. Surprisingly when we got to the checkout counter there were only two bags in the cart. Some miscreant had actually stolen a bag of the deli sticks out of our cart while we'd left it to gather some other item. How low and fucked up is that? Roho suggested that the deranged cart-shop-lifter's thought process probably went something along the lines of Oh, those look tasty. It's not really stealing because those sticks don't belong to whoever put them in the cart until they pay for them, so I'll just help myself and be saved the trouble of looking for them! I really am stunned that somebody could be so lame as to do something like this, but every time I think we've hit a new low as a species a better moron steps forward to prove me wrong. I should be afraid, I guess.

When we got home I stopped wasting time and got to work cleaning. I filled one large trash back with garbage and a number of others with various detrius. As I regained my floor I started to think about the way my bedroom was laid out and decided that after 9 months I'd had quite enough with this configuration. With much sweating and swearing I moved almost everything out of my room and into the livingroom, occupying a tremendous amount of floor, couch and table space. Roho surveyed the materials that had migrated out of my bedroom and remarked that he refused to believe I was keeping that much stuff in my room... it's only 9' by 10', and it's not even a full 9' x 10' because part of the wall angles inwards, thus reducing the effective square footage. I moved my bed from running parallel with the West wall to running parallel with the North wall, moved my desk from following the angled wall to being against the West wall where my bed used to be, and put my dresser against the angled wall where my desk used to be. In some ways this has granted me more floor space, in other ways it hasn't really changed a thing. Overall the room does have a bit more flow, but I'm concerned that some of the changes haven't done good things for me. For example, my bed now covers the HVAC vent that's built into the floor by the corner of the West and North walls, making cooling the room a bit less simple. When I lay on my bed my head will now be against the West window with the North window to my immediate left, where the street lights are. Ra's litter box has moved, which may or may not be a good thing, only time will tell on that one. Annoyingly enough the new placement of my PC puts it quite far away from the fresh cool air the vent is producing and the CPU's temperature has gone up to prove how little ventilation the case is getting. My average temperature has spiked from 48 degrees Celsius to over 52 degrees C, which is a sizable increase. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle this situation, I think it's time I invested in some high-flow case fans. I may need to break out my dremel tool and open up some of the ventilation ports a bit wider while I'm working. To further my frustrations when I moved my PC I put it out of range of my ethernet drop, so I had to put in a makeshift run from the switch to my PC using a spare cable of extraordinary length I had left over from a previous cabling engagement.

There are two notably positive aspects to this rearrangement of my living quarters -- for one, I now have a lot more open wall space. I was able to hang my new panther picture beneath a picture I already had on the wall, spacing and aligning them quite nicely. I also now have room to put up the pseudo-tapestrie I used to have on the bedroom door at the old apartment of a snarling black panther stalking towards the viewer. I think it looks pretty sharp, and I'll snap a photo later of the new wall layout so that folks can get a feel for what I'm trying to describe here. The second positive thing about this new layout is that the amp for my bass is no longer stacked on top of my safe -- and I have located my safe in a place where I can actually open the door all the way and get the deposit box out without having to wrestle the darn thing around. It's rather refreshing to be able to get at my savings bonds and 401k paperwork without having to pick that bloody thing up... it's amazing how a small (we're talking 1.5' by 1.4' square here) safe can weigh so much! So now I have a much more visually pleasing living space, I've greatly reduced safety risk in my room and now have easier access to my paperwork and even my closet. This all pleases me greatly.

I still need to finish cleaning the floor, sorting paperwork, stacking boxes and attending to other menial chores like laundry before I'm going to be ready for my trip to New Jersey on Thursday. I really need to stop by a place like The Container Store and pick up some low-profile plastic tubs, because I can put some of my belongings in them and then stash them under my bed, so long as I'm careful not to block the vent shaft. I already have my toolbox under there and it's nice to have that thing out from underfoot. I was getting tired of stubbing my toes on it when I got up in the middle of the night. Now, if I can just get my X10 system to operate my reading lamp and my bubble fountain again I'll really be doing good....

She always turns in the fastest time

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