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Philosophy over steak and eggs....

So a late, decadent lunch was had to celebrate my meeting with the CIO. We selected Kopper Kitchen as the restaurant of choice and zipped up 83 so we could try to beat the lunch rush. We needn't have worried, since it was almost completely empty when we got there. I had a juicy strip steak with mozzarella cheese covering it, two scrambled eggs and four pieces of bacon. Truly this was a filling meal and a great way to reward myself for how well this morning's presentation went.

During the meal the conversation between RW, DP and myself turned to philosophy. We discussed morality, ethics, how "honor code" becomes law and a number of other things. Interestingly enough when I got back to my desk I had a misdirected e-mail waiting for me in Outlook. I was about to hit the "delete" key on it until I saw the individual's tag line:

What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?
- Robert Schuller

That gave me pause to think, because it really is a great question in my opinion. If I could not fail, and I knew it, what would I do? I think that I would fulfill the dream of becoming my own boss, and start my own business. But then I think about it more, and I start to wonder. Maybe I would climb a mountain, or try to set a record of some type. So many different possibilities flooded into my mind I was almost overwhelmed.

What would you do?

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